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What’s Next On This Journey?

Today’s Author Insider—Goals!



When I first began this writing journey, I had one goal—finish and publish my first book, Regress. It took two years to reach that one. Rescue came out the same year.

My next goal seemed doable—adding paranormal romance to my list of books. I’d written two stories for an anthology of stories by debut authors. I took one of those and expanded it. Cursed Hearts underwent a few rewrites before it saw publication. It was followed by Blessed Hearts. Two more books in the Alliance Chronicles, Release and Rebel were added.


After writing Blessed Hearts, I made the decision to take on a penned name and write edgier romance. Under Nadirah Foxx, I published Delivering Sin.

Publishing goals were going well, but I wanted to push myself. I wanted to see if I could write a spin-off of a series. The candidate was a little fictitious town called Falls Creek. Last year, I published the first in a new series—Worth the Fight. It was a prolific year with titles under both my author names released.


So the other night I started pondering what was the next goal to hit. That little voice said best seller status. An admirable goal but not one I have absolute control on. I considered slowing down the pace (as my hubby strongly suggested). Publish less and promote more. Possibly a goal for next year (but not ignore the promotion part for this year).

If you’re an author, what is your next big milestone to tackle? It has to be measurable and attainable. Having the goal of hitting a bestselling list doesn’t fit those traits.

I’d love to hear your goals (even if it’s not about writing books)! It might help me figure out what’s next on this journey I’m on.

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