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SF Benson  

“The Girl Who Stole 7 Souls”

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a character from a WIP—All Things Dark & Magickal: Bitter Fruit. 



Last year, I published All Things Dark & Magickal: The Glass Watch  where you met Arabella Cuthbert.

On first glance, Miss Arabella is selfish and flighty. She’s consumed with nice gowns, shoes, and attending parties. By the end of The Glass Watch readers know about her mean streak.

Despite wanting revenge against her stepbrother, Trevor, what Arabella really wants is equality. This Victorian young lady doesn’t like living in a world dominated by males. Her dislike isn’t so simple though.

Arabella is a Spelltwister. In Crowley, England in 1839, only male Spelltwister are valued. Girls are encouraged not to seek a license permitting them to practice magick. Instead, females have to suffer the indignity of finding a suitable husband. Once married the wife can use her magick to better her husband’s (and eventually their children’s) lot in life. 


But Arabella isn’t completely heartless. She loves her half-brother Lance with all her heart. Arabella’s desire for vengeance is motivated by a need to protect Lance.

Arabella Cuthbert is a girl as complex as the mission bestowed upon her. Learn more about her when All Things Dark & Magickal: Bitter Fruit comes your way this summer.


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