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Today I’m giving you a little insight behind the characters who live in Falls Creek. Meet Edwina Devereaux!

Readers first met the hybrid vampire-witch in Cursed Hearts. She was part of the group of vamps hanging out in the Temptation Club. At that point, we only learned that Edwina had: 1) a history with Victor Duquette, and 2) she wasn’t simply a vampire. It wasn’t until Blessed Hearts that we gain better insight into the female.

Edwina, in Blessed Hearts you were involved with an incubus. Do you regret that relationship? No. It’s something that happened, nothing more.  

But why an incubus? You know how fickle they can be.  Cash Martin wasn’t as flaky as most incubi. His problem was his heart. He didn’t want to face his emotions. 

Rumor has it that Cash moved to New Orleans. Are you two friends? It’s not a rumor. He has a new tattoo shop in the Quarter. Cash and I are work partners. He was recruited into the BlackGuard Society. Friendship isn’t possible between us. 

Do you have any animosity to his wife? Must we talk about that? They love each other. I really try not to think about them.

What about your marriage? How’s that going?  Hank and I are happily married. We’re even adopting a cub soon. My husband wants to experience being a father.

Will you be returning to Falls Creek? Not likely. We have property in New Orleans now.  Plus, I have my assignments with the BlackGuard.

  Worth the Fight turns a year old on the twenty-eighth. Fortunately, that’s not the last time you’ll read about Edwina Devereaux. She appears in a new urban fantasy series, The BlackGuard Society.  The first book is titled Blood Vendetta and is due out in April.

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