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2019 Wrap Up!


Where did the year go to? Wasn’t it just summer? If you live in Atlanta, it felt like it just ended only to come back again.


2019 was a busy year for me and my alter ego. I stepped out of my comfort zone when I began writing under Nadirah Foxx. This year, I pushed it and penned TWO contemporary romantic suspense tales—Not For A Moment and Savage Charm


My most anticipated release of 2019? Hands down it was Inception! Writing Elsbeth’s story gave me a chance to combine my love of history with my fascination about witches.


There are two more books in this trilogy. It’s not a standalone series, so be sure to pick up your copy. Dark Intent is scheduled for release in April.


I also wrote for Havenwood Falls Sin & Silk and the Dark Moon Falls boxed set (not related to the former). I enjoy writing in shared worlds and look forward to doing more. 


In 2019, I traveled to Frankenmuth, Michigan for Once Upon A Book and to St. Louis, Missouri for Penned Con. 


So what’s coming in 2020?

More books! I have quite a few planned—14 in total. The first seven have been drafted and are waiting to be revised. I also have a possible SciFi futuristic story submission for an anthology in the works. 

coming in january 2020.jpeg

In 2020, All Things Dark & Magickal will be wrapped up, and a new gas lamp fantasy series will begin—All Things Dark & Dreadful. The first book is titled, Seeking Death. I’ve been having a lot of fun writing in 19th century England.


The story is planned as a trilogy with a young woman named Evaline Wainwright chasing the elusive Doctor Death. Think of it as Sherlock Holmes meets Alice in Wonderland.


Next year will be all about the series!

Nadirah Foxx will be releasing her first contemporary trilogy—the TKO Love series. It’s three books centered around MMA fighters. One of them is female! Look for Fighting for Second in May. Knock Me Down is scheduled for July and My Best should release in September.


Under SF Benson, I’ll be releasing the No Boundaries trilogy. The contemporary romance focuses on two families and their love interests. The first, Crossing Lines, was started a year ago and then when on a shelf. It’s a YA romance primarily set in a fictional Texas town. Blurring Lines will be about the main character’s brother and his romance (a M/M college story) while Broken Lines will feature the brother from Crossing Lines (an adult romance). Each book will be standalones and cross YA, NA, and Adult genres.


Another series that will begin next year is from the world of Falls Creek. If you’ve read Cursed Hearts and Unexpected Love, you’ve read about Lorelei’s School of Deviltry. The first semester of the Academy series releases early in 2020. I’ll be stepping back into the 80s and letting you see some featured characters as teens attending the scary boarding academy. The first book is tentatively titled, Bloodborn Encounters, and features Lilin (succubi and incubi) and vampires! Learn about the ongoing animosity between the two groups.


Dark Intent: the Spell Caster Diaries Book Two , my National Writing Month project from November, is scheduled for an April release. Elsbeth’s mission continues  in New Orleans. You’ll get to find out just how depraved and determined the Mercier Witches can be.

Other books in 2020 will include a dark vigilante suspense from Nadirah Foxx entitled Justice in the Shadows, and the second book in The BlackGuard Society, Cold-Blooded. If you read Edwina Devereaux’s story, Worth the Fight, you might remember Alexander the vampire who turned her. Well, he’s baaack!



Catch me at book signings in Frankenmuth—can’t miss OUAB—and in Elizabethtown, Kentucky for Books & Boos (October).

2019-12-20 20.24.26-2.jpg

Finally, my newsletter is going through some changes for 2020! The big one will be the subscriber incentive. I have a supernatural prison romance I’ll be adding to each newsletter. The first three episodes will be available when you sign up!

Have a safe New Year’s celebration!

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