“Broken Faith” by SF Benson Excerpt


Chapter Two Excerpt

Bystanders might think I lead a glamorous life full of endless parties, beautiful women, and handsome men. They might even mistake me for a rock star, basking in the glow with easy access to drugs and alcohol. Trust me, there’s nothing fascinating about being me or my existence. Yes, I party hard and f*ck often, but it ain’t easy. I may not suffer hangovers, but the next day, I feel like hell—no pun intended. Sometimes I have to pry myself off a body or two before stumbling to the front door. At least this morning, I wake up alone in my bed. It’s all that’s different about today.

That’s a bold-faced lie.

It’s so much worse. My mouth tastes like a filthy cotton sock, and my muscles ache. My eyes burn while my stomach growls like a beast. Easy stuff to deal with, but it’s the solitary thought—in reality it’s one word—consuming me I can’t handle.


The enchanting woman has my mind bent and confused. Reaching for the half-empty bottle of vodka beside me, I realize I’m f*cked and not in a good way. Humans don’t tempt dark angels. Ever. It goes against our purpose in this world. But I’d gladly trade my shadowy soul for one pure, innocent moment without a heinous agenda and spend it with Grace.

Like I said, I’m f*cked.


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