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Happy Friday!


It’s the last Friday of the year! Time to look back on 2018–the good and the not so good.

For our family, 2018 had us making the decision to remain in Georgia a bit longer. We have had every intention of moving back to California, but circumstances have been beyond our control. We finally said let go and let God. If He wants us back in Cali, it will happen.

The Family

The Family

I exceeded my publishing goals for the year. In doing so I learned a lot. It’s not easy being prolific. Lots of planning must be done. I slipped in areas. Next year I hope to take what I’ve learned and apply it to improve my ROI.

Focusing on publishing meant some things suffered and had to be purged. My author spotlights came to an end along with my reviews. I also got rid of theme days on the blog. Happily, I was able to post more promotional pieces for other authors.

I started focusing more on Instagram and stopped with Tumblr. My IG following has grown. I’ve found that I enjoy the social platform a lot.

My newsletter disappeared for a bit, but it came back. It’s a work-in-progress.

Speaking of WIP… I discovered what worked and what didn’t when it came to my writing. When I began this journey, I considered myself a speculative writer. I wrote dystopian and paranormal. Something weird happened along the way. I started writing characters who stood up for love. They were mostly supernatural in origin. And thus, I became a writer of romance.

Penned Con 2018

Penned Con 2018

It was another successful signing season, but there were lessons here too. My weight was making travel difficult. I was tired before the day even started. After my second signing, I started a Paleo diet. My energy level picked up. Another lesson had to do with transporting inventory at the end of a signing. After losing a box of books, I’m working on a better way to get my stuff back home.


All in all, 2018 wasn’t a bad year, but I’m hoping to make 2019 better!

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