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NEW RELEASE: “Forsaken Fate (Ruthless Gods: Wolf God Book 3)” by Veronica Douglas

  Title: Forsaken Fate (Ruthless Gods: Wolf God Book 3) Author: Veronica Douglas Genre: PNR, Urban Fantasy Publication Date: January 30th, 2024 Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR Blurb:  The epic conclusion to Samantha and Cadean’s story. Expect vengeance, romance, and a dark destiny finally fulfilled.The shadow of death is hanging over me, and the queen of the […]

SF Benson 

“Shift Your Focus”

Ever wake up in a bad mood? Instead of feeling good about the day ahead, you think about everything you don’t want to do? The job you hate, the coworkers you can’t stand, the commute you barely tolerate?  Imagine a different start. Rather than focusing on everything you don’t like, you appreciate the fact that […]

SF Benson 
3d book display image of Death and Mirrors: All Things Dark and Deadly, Book 1

A necromancer. A mirror world. A deathly doctor.

It's a darker, grittier Alice in Wonderland!

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