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Welcome to the Chimerian Realm!

I love worldbuilding! One of the fun parts is creating maps. Recently, I discovered an app that makes it easier to do so. Wonderdraft has a small learning curve plus, it’s not a subscription-based app—one-time fee! The above map grew from a sketch… and then a rendering in Photoshop… I still like the PS version, […]

Nadirah Foxx 
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“Fiction for History Buffs!”

I love historical fiction. It’s a chance to combine two things I enjoy—writing fiction and researching history. I first started my exploration into historical fiction with All Things Dark & Magickal: The Glass Watch. Although it’s a fairy tale retelling, I had to look up Victorian England when I built the world for the story. In writing […]

Nadirah Foxx 

​“The Importance of Accuracy in Worldbuilding”

This post was previously featured on WeWriteFantasy.com. The idea for today’s post came while binge-watching the CW’s Arrow. Hey, don’t fault me. I’m a huge fan of DC Comics and Marvel. While playing catch up on the series, I noticed frequentmention of Bratva (in a nutshell, think Russian mafia). Personally,I’d never heard of it until […]

Nadirah Foxx