Release: the Alliance Chronicles Novella

“Out of pain comes growth.”

Something brewed deep in the heart of America. Something ugly and twisted and without a doubt, wrong. It poised the nation for an unavoidable dismantling. But none of that mattered to a thirteen-year-old boy crushing on the girl next door. Asher Jones, a kid from a quiet suburb, leads the perfect life. He does well in school, idolizes his brother, and tries to stay out of trouble. One night his world changes when his family is brutally killed. Uprooted from his home, he turns to a world of delinquency filled with drugs and alcohol. All actions have consequences. Asher stands at a crossroad--clean up his act or continue down the path of self-destruction. When a kid from the right side of the tracks veers left, how does he find his way back? Release is a deep, action-packed novella focusing on the teen years of a minor character from the Alliance Chronicles. Don't miss this poignant coming of age tale.
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About the Book

Fourteen-year-old boys aren’t supposed to worry about the state of the world. Politics, economics, race relations…those are things for adults.

But sometimes the world lands on your doorstep whether you want it or not. If you’re not prepared, it will reach up and sucker punch you.

And that’s exactly what happened to Asher Jones. Sure, he had people in his corner, but it wasn’t what he wanted. What he needed.

He let life flip him around, change his direction.

But when a boy from the right side of the tracks veers left, how does he find his way back?

Series: The Alliance Chronicles, Book 2.5
Genre: New Adult Dystopian
Tag: New Adult
Publisher: Avanturine Press LLC
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781542344098
List Price: 6.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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