Release: the Alliance Chronicles, Book 3
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Series: Alliance Chronicles: dystopian techno thriller, Book 2.5
Genre: New Adult Dystopian
Tag: Thriller
Publisher: Avanturine Press LLC
Publication Year: 2017
Length: Complete Novel
ISBN: 9781542344098

Something brewed deep in the heart of America. Something ugly and twisted and without a doubt, wrong. It poised the nation for an unavoidable dismantling.
But none of that mattered to a thirteen-year-old boy crushing on the girl next door. Asher Jones, a kid from a quiet suburb, leads the perfect life. He does well in school, idolizes his brother, and tries to stay out of trouble.

One night his world changes when his family is brutally killed. Uprooted from his home, he turns to a world of delinquency filled with drugs and alcohol.

All actions have consequences. Asher stands at a crossroad--clean up his act or continue down the path of self-destruction.

When a kid from the right side of the tracks veers left, how does he find his way back?

Release is a deep, action-packed novella focusing on the teen years of a minor character from the Alliance Chronicles. Don't miss this poignant coming of age tale.

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About the Book

Release is the tale of how a young man fights through despair.

Years before the United States collapses and the New Order takes over, Asher Jones is a teenager living in Taylor, Michigan. Citizens are dismayed as turmoil rocks the country. But politics mean nothing to Asher. He’s only concerned about the cute girl next door.

His world seems perfect until the night his family is brutally killed. Asher struggles to make sense of his life. Drugs and alcohol become his constant companions. A jail cell waits for him. Every choice has a consequence. Asher has to clean up his act. If he doesn’t, a life of misery will become his constant companion.

Without his family and the love of a girl, can Asher make the right choice? Find out how his decision shapes who he will ultimately become.

When a kid from the right side of the tracks veers left, how does he find his way back?




"Asher Jones is such a diverse character. He could be called a tragic figure, but I don't feel he is tragic in any way. His life was filled with hurdles and hardship and true horror and yet he seems to have became stronger. Don't get me wrong he did have many mistakes. He also had blind loyalty to his brother and family, strong, intense and intriguing. Can this young impressionable boy turn into a hero? Even with all the secrets, lies and danger, can he still shine? It does also include a snip-it of the prior book - picking up at the end of book two that continues the saga of Tru and the Alliance. For the fans this is a nice bonus and was just a promise of the next action packed story to follow. I can not wait. This book is told from Asher's point of view and the author does a wonderful job of getting into the head of a teenage boy. There is tragedy, violence and strong language in this book, but they are needed to stay true to the characters and the setting of this scary world. It has humor and romance. It has it all packed into this novella, yet it is not cluttered in any way. This series has strong men and women characters and great heroes who fight for freedom and a better world. After reading this novella, I now feel he is one of my favorite characters I have read about in a long time. In the past book, I can say I thought of Asher as a butt-head, but now I see him and what shaped him. This could be read as a stand alone book, but the end would be a spoiler if you read them out of order. I would recommend this fast paced, action packed book to strong young readers. I really am enjoying this series and would recommend it to reluctant readers over the age of ten as well."
"Asher tells Ko his back story. It starts on the eve of the street wars that destroyed the country. It is told from Asher's point of view and chronicles his journey through the loss of his family, his first love, his fall into despair, his rocky relationship with his paternal grandparents and his history with Mark and Griffin. It also tells of how he came to join Riza and his introduction to the Alliance. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the story despite it being much shorter than the preceding books in the series. It details the history of Purebreds versus Hybrids and the destructive influence of racism and prejudice. This story deserves a 5."
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