Regress: The Alliance Chronicles Book One
$12.99 (paperback)
Series: The Alliance Chronicles, Book 1
Genre: Young Adult
Tag: Upper YA
Publisher: Avanturine Press
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 354 pages
ISBN: 9780692677711
"Someone once compared living in New Detroit to having a religion--a fanciful idea about a hopeful life in the presence of tragedy. Illogical. Irrational. Life here needed more than hope." Creativity has been banned. At seventeen every citizen must receive a vaccine that will end their creative abilities. Tru Shepard can't imagine living this way. But time is running out. In ten days, she turns seventeen. Her only hope comes from Zared Aoki, a boy from her past. If she helps him expose the government's secrets, the vaccinations might come to an end. She only has ten days. And Zared is harboring secrets of his own. Can she uncover the truth and reveal it to the world without losing herself in the process? You don't want to miss this gripping first book in the Alliance Chronicles--a suspenseful, post-apocalyptic thriller.
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About the Book

What would you do if someone threatened what makes you YOU?

Tru Shepard is a teenager living in war-torn New Detroit circa 2025. The New Order, a government run by scientists and technologists, has banned creativity. In the eyes of the American Republic’s leaders, creativity is a waste of time which doesn’t foster a strong society.

But Tru is a Creative. There’s a mandated vaccine rumored to rid people like Tru of their abilities. She’s decided to avoid the inoculation. If she can’t express herself artistically, she’d prefer dying.

Just when she despairs on what to do Zared Aoki, someone from her past, enters her life. He may be just as dangerous as the vaccination. What he claims to know might just change things for everyone in the American Republic.

Secrets. Conspiracy. Corruption.

Read all about in Regress: the Alliance Chronicles, Book One.

Regress: The Alliance Chronicles (Book One)

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