Cursed Hearts: Book One of Hearts Duology

One kiss can change lives.

Sixteen-year-old Kelsie Martin wants every girl’s dream—to date and fall in love with the perfect guy. There’s a few things standing in her way. Surging powers that cause her to kill every boy she kisses, and the fact that succubi aren’t supposed to fall in love. She reluctantly accepts her calamitous fate when a new guy, Victor Duquette, enters her life. He’s hot and they have similar interests. Could Victor be the one Kelsie’s been waiting for? One forbidden kiss resurrects a century old curse—drastically changing her life and twisting her idea of happily ever after.
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About the Book

Once upon a time, a teen girl met a handsome guy.

She was a succubus and he was a vampire. The Fates, those supernatural sisters, put this pair together. Unfortunately, plenty of obstacles stood in their way. Inters-pecies relationships came with issues. One ill-fated night (pun intended) made the lives of Kelsie Martin and Victor Duquette even more hazardous. It bonded them.

It also exposed the prejudices in their sleepy little town.

Would the supernatural community keep the pair apart?

Series: Hearts Duology, Book 1
Genre: Young Adult
Tag: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978543193992
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