Letting Go

Letting Go

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As a future ballerina on the world stage, she has her whole world ahead of her. Her family and friends are so proud of her accomplishments, but all that will change when her needy boyfriend and fate team up to destroy her.

You can’t dance from a wheelchair.

As a former Praetorian Guard for Caesar Augustus, his whole world is behind him. When the emperor died, a judgment was made not in his favor. But none of that mattered…

The dead don’t find love again.

One night, life and death collide on a dark road when a surly wraith saves a life. Their paths intertwine, giving them both a second chance…

At everything.

But there are problems. She only wants to die. He’s fighting to live again.

When the path you’re on no longer works…
When everything familiar to you is obliterated…
When you stop fighting for what can never be again…
You don’t give in.
You simply…

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