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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's

Everyone loves a good romance. I’ve read some wonderful ones, and it’s my goal to add to them. It was never my intention to become a romance writer though. I sort of stumbled into it with my first book, Cursed Hearts.

My favorite scene was one of the final ones:

I absolutely love writing proposals. The idea of someone pouring all their feelings into one single moment of time excites me.

But it’s not just proposals that I love when it comes to romance. It’s the possibility when faced with the impossible. It’s the reason why I write paranormals in love. Talk about challenges! Vampires loving outside of their species. Shifters trying to figure out mating rituals with humans. And all of this done under the premise of trying to appear human and handle difficult life issues.

It’s what drives my new series, Another Falls Creek Romance. Edwina (a hybrid vampire/witch) and her partner, Hank (a panther shifter), are hot on the pages of Worth the Fight.

Whether you’re spending today with a physical person or not, remember there’s always a book boyfriend waiting for you in the world of fiction!

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