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TEASE ME TUESDAY: “Worth the Fight” by SF Benson


It’s TEASE ME TUESDAY! A day for sneak peeks into a work-in-progress. The peek might be a teaser, an excerpt, or just a tidbit of information.

This week is a teaser for my upcoming book, Worth the Fight.

Pain graphic Day Five

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Some things are worth fighting for…

How do you break a vampire?

Shun her because of her sex. Cast her aside because of her powers. Toss her to the gutter because of her color. Or simply withhold love. Edwina Devereaux has experienced it all including a broken heart thanks to an incubus. She’s wallowing in despair and doesn’t care about anything. Or anyone.

Until him.

Hank Richards, the were-panther police detective, doesn’t do weakness. Even when his wife ran off with his brother, Hank stood strong. But he finds peace in the arms of a certain vampire.

When Hank’s brother gets involved in a supernatural fight club in New Orleans, he reaches out to Hank for help. But going to Crescent City uncovers truths neither Hank nor Edwina care to face.

Will the past threaten and destroy or will love endure?


Another Falls Creek Romance novels are all about supernaturals dealing with the same problems their human counterparts face every day–heartache, unfairness, and rebounding from devastating losses. Through it all these supernaturals (and some times humans) fight for what really matters in this world… Love!

There’s a LIVE Q&A event on Facebook!

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Mark your calendars: February 28th at 8:00 p.m. EST.

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