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Ever have one of those greens ‘n co’n bread moments? The kind where you need to sit down and school somebody? I’m talkin’ ’bout one of those moments where your eyes roll and you feel the need to drop some knowledge? Can I get a witness? Y’all feeling me?

No? Maybe it’s because that paragraph was somehow foreign to you.

Let me fix that for you. The translation is, ‘ever have a moment when you want to sit down and talk one on one without the need to explain things?’


News flash people: I’m originally from Detroit. There are times when I let my hair down and let the vernacular run free. Greens ‘n cornbread moments.

For the most part, readers haven’t seen these times. My characters are diverse though. Sometimes one of them will embrace their inner Detroiter and let the vernacular run. It happens with my next book, Worth the Fight (releasing February 28). Edwina Devereaux is a sista (not sister). She’s part vampire and part witch. She was born a slave and has seen a lot during her existence. Edwina was on the scene in the fifties and sixties when people came deep (were profound). Although she’s living in this era, there are times when her past shines through her speech. She hooks up with Hank Richards, a black panther. He also will slip in a bit of vernacular along with his brother (by birth).

Why do I mention all of this?

Because I’m going through my edits right now. I had to take a moment and ask if the dialogue is true to the characters or if it’s a distraction? If it were on each and every page, then I’d rule it distracting. But the vernacular is the ESSENCE of these characters. Edwina lived through a horrendous period in history. Her use of language is WHO she is, and it won’t change. Edwina’s “hood” was the plantation so this story isn’t a Shanaynay Booty call book. It’s not inundated with slang and such. Just enough to let the personalities of the characters ring through.



Now somebody get me some real greens and cornbread. I’m hungry.

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