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Coming in 2018 SB

It seems like 2017 sped right by. I did four book signings and added five books to my catalog! I also drafted five more books to add to the SF Benson brand.

What can you expect in 2018?

  • A reboot of my website with an online store! Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring that to you in January or February.
  • More original content! I’ll be looking for blog posts from guest authors.
  • Tips for not-yet-published authors.

What releases can you look forward to?

  • Worth the Fight (Another Falls Creek Romance, #1): the love story between Edwina Devereaux (a vampire/witch hybrid) and Hank Richards (a were-panther).
  • Finding Me (Another Falls Creek Romance, #2): this is Colt Najex’s story. You’ll meet Jeremiah Jones (JJ). He’s a fallen angel and becomes the love interest for Colt.
  • Letting Go (Another Falls Creek Romance, #3): the story of how Marcus Uraeleus, the wraith Council member, falls in love with a human he saves.
  • All Things Dark & Magickal–The Glass Watch: this is my first gender flip! It’s a retelling of Cinderella and includes magick and time travel.
  • Restore (The Alliance Chronicles, Book Five): Tru and Zared’s story wrapped up in Rebel. Restore picks up with Asher narrating. Find out what happened once the American Republic finds out about the SIM card.
  • The boxed set for The Alliance Chronicles Books One through Four.
  • The boxed set for the Hearts Duology: Cursed Hearts and Blessed Hearts. This will be a February release date.

To be drafted for 2018 release dates:

  • Something More (Another Falls Creek Romance, #4): the love story between Audra Nevers, one of the first female alpha wolves in Falls Creek, and Brady Romero, the alpha wolf and owner of Balls Up!
  • All Our Tomorrows (Another Falls Creek Romance, #5): This one is Nathan the Soul Assassin’s story! Learn he falls in love with.

Book Signings:

  • Roanoke Author Invasion, April 2018
  • Once Upon A Book, August 2018
  • Penned Con, September 2018
  • possibly one other event

I’m taking the last week of December off for a much needed break. I’ll be back with plenty of content January 2nd. If we don’t cross paths before then, have a wonderful Christmas and a safe, blessed new year.

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