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goal without plan is just wish

I started this last year when I stumbled across a friend’s post on Facebook. Last December I chose the word AUTHENTIC. My plan was to stay true to myself in all that I do for myself and my business. For the most part, I followed it. I did those things that made me happy. If something wasn’t working, I looked for what did work FOR ME. I made some hard decisions about my business, but they were necessary.

So for 2018 my word is BALANCE. What does this imply?


  • Business
  • Health
  • Family
  • Entertainment/Hobby

finding balance

Recently, my husband (the CFO) pointed out how I hadn’t taken a real break from my writing in TWO years! I try to rationalize it by saying I’m doing what I love. I’m having fun. He came back with everyone needs a break no matter what they do. It wasn’t until I caught an episode of one of my favorite shows (Scorpion) did his words sink in. One of the main characters wanted to work during Christmas. He loved what he did and thought everyone else on his team shared his love. He was wrong. I saw the error in my argument, and started prepping to take a week off.

I’m actually reading a book to help me with constructing a better strategy for my business. I already have a business plan, but Write Like A Boss is helping me actually work the plan.

The goal here is to develop a real, working schedule that allows me to be as productive as possible while carving out time for the other important things in life.

During 2016 I signed up for kickboxing classes (something I hadn’t done in nearly ten years). Various excuses got me off-track. Sharing a car with my husband hasn’t made getting to class easier (I can only attend early in the day. Tough when you stay up until the wee hours of the morning.). I haven’t constructed a plan to tackle my inactivity. I’m considering doing some of the things my fellow authors have done (setting up equipment in my office along with an alarm to get some sort of activity in during the day).

Our daughter is back home for this semester. She’ll be doing a full-time internship (we’re keeping our fingers crossed since the first one she applied for fell through). With her home more, it’s important that I figure out how to balance my work life and family life again. My hubby usually works evenings (but he leaves during the afternoon). When she was away at school, I had long hours at home alone. That’s why I get so much written–no interruptions.

Finding balance to include entertainment/hobby is the last on my list. Once again, hubby says I work too hard. He appreciates how productive I can be, and he isn’t suggesting I give up my business. He only wants me to take some time for myself away from the computer. So I’ll be looking for a new hobby or just new activities to entertain myself away from writing in 2018.

What is YOUR word for 2018 and how will you accomplish it?

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