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REVIEW: “Utterances” by Jo Michaels

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We’re almost done with another week, and it’s getting closer to Christmas! Yesterday, we picked up the minion from college. The family’s back together, and we’re all happy.

Today I have a review for you—Utterances by Jo Michaels!


Simone spent the last two years by her cancer-ridden mother’s bedside. Taking care of her was the number one priority. When Mom suddenly goes into full remission, Simone is left bobbing in an unfamiliar ocean with a young man named Tristan. What happens next is the stuff of fairy tales—and nightmares.

Shocking, heart-wrenching, and insightful, Utterances will make you question everything you thought you knew about self-sacrifice. Award-winning author Jo Michaels pulls reality and the paranormal together in a way never before seen, intensely examining what we call the human condition by diving into the innermost workings of one young lady’s mind.

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My Review

What would you do if a little magic fell into your lap right when you needed it? I think most people would drop it and head for the hills. Utterances by Jo Michaels explores what happens when one character, Simone, chooses to believe in the unfathomable.

The story starts with a painful moment and quickly turns into a joyous occasion. Simone attributes the fortunate event to the book, not completely understanding how it worked. Her troubles begin when she decides to find out through a little experimentation.

As the tale of Simone and the book unfolds, readers will start to ask questions. The main one for me was when would she wake up and put the book down. Simone is an impulsive, emotional person. She’s prone to acting before thoroughly thinking things through. This was evident in her relationship with Tristan, the love interest, and with her actions regarding the book.

I don’t want to give anything away. You’ll have to see what happens next. What I will say is this is a don’t miss book. Just remember that the book is a character in this story. If you keep that in mind, details of Simone’s tale will make sense.

If you haven’t read any books by Michaels, I strongly suggest you read this one. Her writing is clear and concise with quality details. When I finished reading Utterances, I felt as if I truly knew Simone and Tristan. I understood Simone’s motivation, and I could sympathize with Tristan.

My Rating: hand-155662_1280hand-155662_1280hand-155662_1280hand-155662_1280hand-155662_1280

About the Author

71lgEkC84gL._UX250_Hi, I’m Jo. Let’s forget all the “Jo Michaels is blah, blah, blah” stuff and just go with it. I’m a voracious reader (often reading more than one book at a time), a writer, a book reviewer, a mom, a wife, and one of the EICs at INDIE Books Gone Wild. I have an almost photographic memory and tend to make people cringe at the number of details I can recall about them and/or their book(s). My imagination follows me around like a conjoined twin and causes me to space out pretty often or laugh out loud randomly in completely inappropriate situations.

I have a degree in graphic design, and my journey to the end was one few students who begin that program ever complete. However, this was one case where my memory and OCD tendencies helped me. Graduation was one of the most amazing days of my life. But, my most amazing day was when my now husband proposed. Every little girl dreams of being Cinderella someday, and he pulled off the proposal of fantasies.

At the risk of sounding cliche, I’m going to let it out there and say how much I absolutely adore the man I’m married to. Along with my children, he’s my whole world.

I’ve lived in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Georgia, but I’ve had my feet in almost every state. Traveling is something I adore, and have plans to someday see the Mongolia I’ve written about in Yassa.

One of my favorite things is hearing from fans! You can find me on social media most any day of the week. Connect! I’d love to hear from you.

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