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Mason Cooley said, “Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.”

A Center Stage Moment shines a spotlight on writers who give us great places to visit with the characters we love and want to call friends.

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing to you—Bridgette O’Hare!

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Bridgette O’Hare is a writerly life form evolved to live off of high doses of chocolate, excessive episodes of Once Upon a Time, and copious amounts of snark.

She spends her time in search of sleep, witty co-conspirators, the planet Gallifrey, and ways to unleash evil upon her characters in interesting ways. When she’s not torturing imaginary people, you can find her instigating questionable conversations on Facebook.

She is the ridiculously proud co-creator of two awesome male human beings with ambitions of being a crazy cat lady if her pursuit of marrying Chris Hemsworth proves futile.

Bridgette is recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things. Number 5 was unavailable for comment.

Have you always wanted to be a writer? 

Somewhat. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a songwriter. I have actually written close to one hundred songs.

Why did you choose to write your genre?

It chose me. It’s a little cliché, but I had this dream . . . lol I have a couple of projects planned out for 2018 that branch out into other genres, though. So . . . don’t get too comfortable with my published genre.

Ebook-Series-Mockup-BOD- has its challenges

Currently, what are you working on?

Currently, I’m rewriting Dreamwalker (the final book in the Book of Dreams series) for the fourth time. Yes . . . I said fourth.  I am NOT rewriting it again . . . so it had best stop talking to me. I’ve also got the beginning of a Suspense started, Footprints in the Snow. It’s been waiting patiently to be written for over two years.


Let’s talk about your latest book for a moment. What motivated the plot?

As I stated before, I had this dream that wouldn’t leave me be all day. So, when I got home that night, after I’d put the kids to bed, I just started writing it down in my dream journal. Next thing I know, I have twenty handwritten pages and I wasn’t even done. I just knew it needed to be a book. And that’s how I got started.

What is the strangest subject or topic you’ve ever written?

I’ve ghostwritten nearly forty books, I can’t begin to tell you about some of the interesting concepts that have come across my desk. I think the strangest thing I’ve ever had to write was a scene that involved baby oil, an inflatable pool, and duct tape. I won’t give any more details. It’s best if you just use your imagination.

What was the hardest story for you to write?

Dreamwalker has proven to be that story for me. I think I forced it at first, and it just didn’t feel right to me. So, I put off publishing it and put it off . . . three times. The ending is finally at a point it feels right. I have my fingers crossed.


Do any of your characters reflect facets of your personality?

Funny you should ask that. LOL One of my Beta Readers sent me a text as she was reading Lullaby and said, “You do realize that Jenna is you, right?”

Who has been your favorite character? Why?

So far, Jenna. She’s snarky and quick-witted. Doesn’t pull any punches. I almost want to write her as a main character in her own story. [Yup, sounds like you. ;)]

What process do you use to plan your novels? 

I’m a cross between a plotter and a pantser. I like to have an idea of what the story is about and where it’s going, but then I like to just write and let the characters surprise me.


Have you ever experienced writer’s block? If so, how did you overcome it?

I don’t think it was writer’s block so much as burnout. I just tried to do too much and wasn’t making time for me. It wreaked havoc on my creativity. So, I was writing, but it was forced. Hence, the three rewrites of Dreamwalker. I finally just took a writing break. It really helped.


If you were to choose another genre to write in, what would it be?

Romantic Comedy. I love humor. I love it when you see that guy and girl in denial or a love/hate relationship. There’s so much fun to be had with that!

Which authors inspire you?

CJ Redwine. That woman is a superhero! I don’t know how she manages to write so brilliantly and consistently, run a business, and be such an amazing mother and wife. Not to mention, she’s sweet and hilarious. I want to be CJ when I grow up. [She’s on my short list.]

What novel would you read multiple times?

Does Shakespeare count? I’m a total nerd for Shakespeare. But I’ve also read the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning three times already. I love her characters. Well . . . all but one. But I won’t mention names. lol

What is your favorite quote?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil. 4_13)

If you could meet anyone in the world, alive or deceased, who would it be and why? (Person could be a fictional character)

My great-great-grandmother. I’m told she was a Cherokee medicine woman. Can you imagine the stories I could tell after talking with her? [Great mythology!]

What is your favorite animal, real or imaginary?

Unicorns. When I was a little girl, I collected them. They were all over my room. There’s just something about a mythical, magical creature that makes you believe anything is possible.

What is your favorite color? 

It’s a tie between blood red and deep, jewel-tone turquoise blue.

When you’re not writing…I’m also an editor and cover designer. I own Wit & Whimsy Cover Designs and I take on a select few editing clients every year. I absolutely love working in the Indie community. Best group of people I’ve ever known.


You can find Bridgette online at…

Website     Facebook    Twitter     Instagram

Thank you for hanging out with me today, my friend. It was a pleasure getting to know you better.

Join me next week when author Caitlyn Mancini will be stopping by!


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