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Bloggers Needed!

A view of Detroit skyline at sunset with dramatic HDR effect

I’m looking for bloggers who love dystopian fiction with a hint of reality to it!

My first series, The Alliance Chronicles, features a diverse cast in the fictitious city of New Detroit in the year 2025. Creativity has been banned by the new, technocratic government of the American Republic. There’s a piece of technology containing secrets and of course, there are a couple of teens who find the archaic tech.

You’re introduced to them in Regress.

New Detroit Teaser

Follow Zared Aoki as he searches for his abducted girlfriend in Rescue.

Bad Teaser

In Release, you meet Zared’s friend and gain some insight in how the USA fell.


Finally, in Rebel, you wrap up Tru and Zared’s story and prepare for the continuation of the series.

Moon and Stars

This series starts with Mature YA and continues into New Adult.

If this sounds like something you’d like to participate in, just click here and follow the link.

The Alliance Chronicles Review Blitz is the first planned event. Coming in 2018, will be a blitz for the paranormal, Hearts Duology!



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