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Tease Me Graphic

It’s TEASE ME TUESDAY! A day for sneak peeks into a work-in-progress. The peek might be a teaser, an excerpt, or just a tidbit of information.

Now that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is behind me, I can focus on finishing the draft for Letting Go.

So this week I have a little sneak peek from the rough draft. This is from Uraeleus’s (the wraithlike figure) point of view:

Hours after my death no one showed any emotion about my passing. My parents barely acknowledged it. They handled my demise by never mentioning my name again. They did everything possible to bury my memory but I had the last word.
“Who goes there?” Father said from his bed.
I stepped out of the shadow, appearing to the man who gave me life. “Father, you’re dying. Tell me what’s it like to have a slow, painful death.”
Father gasped and stared at me as if he’d seen a ghost.
Entirely wrong. The word ghost implied benevolence. I was anything but benevolent. This man deserved as much agony as I could muster. I moved closer to his bedside.
“Did putting my memory to rest absolve your own guilt?” I sat beside the trembling man. “You were right about one thing, Father. I was a reflection on you. My actions and behavior showed others how weak you were as a parent.”
My father’s jaw dropped and guttural sounds came from him.
“I only mimicked your behavior. You frequented brothels, made mother unhappy. When you weren’t fucking other women, you were sloppy drunk. But as long as you did your deeds behind closed doors it didn’t matter. I just chose to be honest with my actions.”
Father clutched a hand to his chest.
“Is it too much for you?” I leaned closer to the man and watched beads of sweat pop over his forehead. “You should wish I had my human form. I could make death so much easier for you. Mine was quick. One moment I felt the sharpness of the blade, and the next… Well, it was over in a blink of the eye. Just know I was condemned for an act I never committed.”
Father paled, one last time, and drool slipped past his lips. His empty eyes glazed over. I listened to his heart slow down. My father was dead. My job here was done.
I guess one could say I hastened my father’s death. It didn’t bother me because he deserved it. But the human lying on the gurney doesn’t deserve death. She has a long life ahead of her, thanks to me.
I leave the room and let the living tend to its own. Besides, my business is with the dead.

Letting Go is scheduled for a late June publish date.

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