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A WRITER’S SOUL: My Weekly Goals & Such

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Happy Monday! Yeah, I know… Not everyone is feeling the “let’s celebrate the start of a new week” mode, but hey, fake it till you can.

How was your weekend? Mine was interesting. I spent Saturday running errands with the family, and Sunday working ALL day. The CFO and the minion are off visiting the icy north (it snowed when they arrived today) so, I have plenty of time to get some work done.

I got my official win today with NaNoWriMo! I hit my 50,000 words during the week, but I couldn’t validate my word count until the 20th. So I wrote some more and came up with 56,704 words for Shadow Love by Nadirah Foxx.


So what’s next?

Well, I have ONE more chapter to write for Shadow Love and then it goes up on the shelf to wait for revision. I have three projects I’m currently working on (2 for SF Benson and 1 for the Nadirah Foxx brand): Letting Go (Another Falls Creek Romance Novel, #3), Hallowed Holiday (A Falls Creek Holiday Tale), and a secret project.

I still have the Falls Creek Romance Trading Cards to create.

Looking for a great holiday gift? Just in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday:

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

It’s the first time all of my books (except for Nadirah Foxx) will be sold at this price!


*Cursed Hearts

Blessed Hearts






*Will be available for ONE day only at 99 cents due to an Amazon issue.

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