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A WRITER’S SOUL: My Weekly Goals & Such

Vintage typewriter

Happy Monday! Yeah, I know… Not everyone is feeling the “let’s celebrate the start of a new week” mode, but hey, fake it till you can.

How was your weekend? Mine was productive. I got a lot of writing done for NaNoWriMo. Did some reading (finished up another Havenwood Falls novellas), and I even played around on Photoshop. My “playtime” created something fans of The Alliance Chronicles will love…TRADING CARDS!

Check these out:

First we have the Good Guys!

Here’s what a full-sized card looks like (front only):

Alliance Chronicles Trading Card Zared

And now for the Bad Guys:

Here’s a full-sized bad guys card:

Alliance Chronicles Trading Card Malcolm

I have yet to do the backs of the cards. Since they’re trading cards, I’ll be listing FUN FACTS for each character.

I’ll also be doing the same thing for the Falls Creek Romance characters—including those from the Hearts Duology.

So tell me… What facts would you like to know?

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