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A WRITER’S SOUL: My Weekly Goals & Such

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Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s been a minute since I took the time to catch you up. I felt the need so indulge me.

What did I do last week?

I got very little writing done. Not one of my word counts were hit. I spent the week playing catch-up and getting promotion done for Delivering Sin by Nadirah Foxx. If you love steamy romance, be sure to pick this up. It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, and Nook.

I also started my prep for Great Lakes Book Bash (October 28 and 29 in Kalamazoo, Michigan). I’ll have blogger bags again and there will be a Bookworm Survival Backpack giveaway each day. I found some great ceramic travel mugs at Target to include in the packs. I can’t wait to finish shopping for the giveaways!


Bookworm Survival Backpacks from Penned Con 2017

Any goals this week?

Yes. I have to hit those word counts on Letting Go. This project may be one that I’ll get halfway done and have to finish after NaNoWriMo in November.

Second goal is to get some more prep for GLBB done. I have pens to prepare and items to get ready for the blogger bags.

Third, I need to get some work done for NNWM prep.

What am I writing for NaNoWriMo?

I’m working on the second novel for Nadirah Foxx. This one is called Shadow Love and includes a little Jungian psychology and Aztec mythology.

shadow love

The setting for this one is New Orleans and the main characters are Twilight Vanpeer (she goes by Twyla), Dwade Marks (the mysterious stranger), and Preston Montgomery (he goes by Prest and has been Twyla’s longtime best friend). Twyla owns a mystical arts shop in the French Quarter called Vanpeer’s. The story starts with an object, an obsidian mirror. There’s jealousy run amok, unrequited love, and some hot scenes.

Is there a playlist for Shadow Love?

Of course! It’s one of my favorites.

Going back to what I did write… Any memorable lines from Letting Go?

Yes. I’ve been posting on Instagram about this WIP. This one during a conversation with Luc Duquette (I’m bringing back the vampires—Luc and his protege, Victor).

A Line About Me

Letting Go (Another Falls Creek Romance #3) is Marcus Uraeleus’s story. Yes, the wraith Council member gets his own book. He’s a cranky spirit who never does anything good for anyone. He was a bit of a cur when he lived (back in the Roman Empire) and was the embarrassment of his family. Marcus Antonius Uraeleus preferred drinking, fighting, and hanging out in brothels. His father secured him a commission with the Praetorian Guard, but Marcus didn’t want it. His goal in life? To become a gladiator. Ptolemy, his father and member of the Senate, thought the position was beneath his son.

Marcus fell in love with a female gladiator, Cornelia. When Cornelia joined up with a rebel group determined to kill Emperor Augustus, Marcus betrayed her in the worst way. She was captured and presented before him. He denied knowing her. If he had acknowledged her, he might have been able to save her. Instead, she was executed. When Augustus was finally killed, the blame went to Marcus. At the age of 23 he was executed. The man had so many misdeeds that he became a spirit unable to go to Heaven or Hell.

Now Marcus drifts around Falls Creek.

Meet Marcus Uraeleus

That path he crossed belonged to Antoinette Leoni, an aspiring ballerina.


How about a playlist?

I’m still perfecting this one. Not a hundred percent on some of the tunes. I think the problem is this isn’t a sexy romance in the pure sense. There will be love, but the characters involved have to lose their selves in order to find it. Both of them are clinging to their respective pasts. So there’s a lot of angst-ridden songs. I’m struggling with finding the perfect songs for it. Any suggestions are welcome!

How am I feeding my soul this week….

I’m still reading Harry Potter (I got side-tracked), and finishing up a book by Melanie Harlow, From This Moment. The cover and the fact the story is set in Michigan got me.


It was like seeing a ghost. 

When my late husband’s twin brother moves back to our small town, I want to avoid him. Everything about Wes reminds me of the man I lost and the life we’d planned together, and after eighteen long months struggling just to get out of bed, I’m finally doing okay. I have a new job, an amazing support group, and a beautiful five-year-old daughter to parent. I don’t want to go backward.

But I’m drawn to him, too. He understands my grief and anger and guilt like no one else—and I understand his. Before long, that understanding becomes desire, and that desire becomes uncontrollable. 

He says he doesn’t care what people think, and love can never be wrong. But life has taught me its cruelest lesson–love doesn’t always win.

If only my heart would believe it.

Buy Link:


That’s all for now.

Keep reading.

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