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My Next Project: “Letting Go”

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Happy Friday everyone! It came really fast this week. I thought I’d take a moment to catch you up with me.

This month I started another rough draft. It’s for the THIRD novel in the Another Falls Creek Romance series—Letting Go. Out of the six planned novels, Letting Go, is the one that bombarded me and was begging to be written. I put it aside to write Finding Me. When I sat down to figure out what would be drafted next, Uraeleus’s story demanded attention.

If you’ve read the Hearts Duology, you’ve met Uraeleus. He’s a wraith and a member of Council in Falls Creek. The only thing you know about him, however, is that he’s one disagreeable spirit. You wouldn’t think of Uraeleus as someone associated with romance. Of course, that got me thinking. What if he fell in love? Who would he fall for?


In a nutshell, Marcus Antonius Uraeleus saves a human being. He has no idea why he was compelled to do so. Furthermore, he doesn’t know why her well-being intrigues him. When Antoinette continues trying to kill herself, Uraeleus takes on a human form. His intervention in her life finally helps her discover a new reason to live. And as strange as it seems, they fall in love but are afraid to admit it to one another. When Uraeleus finally admits it, his time in a human body is up.

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To find out what happens with Marcus Uraeleus (Marc) and Antoinette, be sure to pick this up during the summer of 2018.

What else is on the horizon? Once I finish Letting Go, most of the books for next year will be written. Five of the six Another Falls Creek Romance novels will release in 2018. I have a serious schedule of revising and editing ahead of me. 🙂

Rounding out the year, I have Great Lakes Book Bash in Kalamazoo, Michigan toward the end of this month. If you’ll be in the area, be sure to stop by. I always look forward to fall in my home state. It’s even better on the western half of the state.

That’s it at the moment. Before we know it the holidays will be upon us.

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