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Happy Monday! I survived Penned Con (should be a shirt or a hashtag)! It was my first two-day signing event as an author.

Penned Con 2017

Can you tell I’m running out of product?

I attended Penned Con 2016 and walked away impressed. I loved how Amy and Rick Miles created a charitable event that allows readers, bloggers, and authors to interact. This year I was blown away. Readers, bloggers, and other authors came by my table. I sold a few sets of the Alliance Chronicles and complete sets of the Hearts Duology. I couldn’t tell you how many books I brought with me, but I only had ten books left at the end. When I calculated it, I made back the cost of what I had drop-shipped plus some.

Of course selling is always great, but what was better was meeting people.

22137139_1459616994121904_341632228079894030_oI got to meet one of my readers, Belinda Clemons! She bought all of my books except Cursed Hearts (which she won earlier).




I met two Instagram followers, Stacey and Lydia, who stopped by with amazing canvas bags. Turns out Lydia is quite skilled with her Silhouette craft machine. As they went around to the different tables, authors dated and signed on the lines. Too cool!Canvas bag

I also had the pleasure of meeting Tara Pedroley of The Creative Mile. She makes swag items. My jaw dropped when she handed me a bracelet for Cursed Hearts! I plan on purchasing these items for giveaways in 2018.

Cursed Hearts Swag

I met some other “interesting” people along the way (hey, all in a day’s work)…

BT Urruela

Author BT Urruela

Ripp Baker

Cover Model Ripp Baker

I also met a talented young lady, Sarai Hathaway. She’s half of the creative team known as Wrecked Productions. They specialize in creating film and music for paranormal,  romance, fantasy, and sci-fi. The possibility of collaborating with them next year might just happen. Check them out at:

As you can see, I was quite the busy bee at Penned Con. I loved it. Next year, I have the possibility of teaming up with a group of authors to promote all of our books with a full-size table!

That’s it for now.

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