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A WRITER’S SOUL: My Weekly Goals & Such

Colt and JJ2

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s been a minute. I’ve been mixing up things here on the blog. Just trying to keep it fresh. So what have I accomplished since our last visit?

First and foremost, I’ve finished the rough draft of Finding Me! Wrote the final line last night. I actually completed the final chapter before the second to last one. I’d been sitting on that scene for weeks. I just needed to narrow in on the feels I wanted. If you’re a not-published-yet writer or even a published one, let me tell you something. Writing a same sex romance is challenging. My goal was to not focus on the physical between the characters. Yes, it’s there (not in overly graphic detail) but I wanted to make sure the emotions rang through. What helped was remembering the overall story: two people with trust issues finding each other and discovering love (which is the theme for the series). It didn’t matter the sexual orientation or preference of the characters.

So, you might ask why did I write Finding Me as a M/M romance. It’s a good question. I let my characters determine it, to be honest. Those of you who read Cursed Hearts and Blessed Hearts have already met Colt Najex. He presented himself as bisexual and I didn’t choose to change it. When I came up with the idea for his story, I knew it couldn’t be about a typical relationship. Colt needed someone who would challenge him and call him out on his B.S. That was the feedback I got about it anyway. What better than a male character with his own dark issues!

I had some favorite lines in this story, and I hope they don’t get altered much during revising and editing:

But none of that matters when it comes to Jeremiah. He is the light in the dark I’ve been searching for. The lighthouse guiding me even though I didn’t know I was lost. How do I simply forget about him?

What I figured out was that when you don’t know you are, demons—real and imagined—will tear you down and pull you apart making you a shell. But when you find yourself and your reason for living, you’ll do anything to never let those demons take over your life again.

A demon walks into a bar and walks out with an angel on his arm. Greatest joke ever told.

And my all-time favorite passage?

Jeremiah pulls away. “No, it’s not. I was so very wrong and you need to know that. Colton Najex, you are my everything. You’re the reason I wake up each day. You’re the very air that I breathe. The thought of you stays with me all day. And at night, my dreams are of you. If I ever lose you again, I’ll cease to exist. It won’t matter what gift your grandfather gave me. I can’t live without you.”

Look for Finding Me in 2018.

So what’s next?

Well, it’s on to the next book in the Another Falls Creek Romance series, Letting Go. I decided that one of the Council members, Uraeleus, needs a story. This one should be very interesting. He’s a spirit (think wraith, something that clings to shadow) and he falls in love with a human girl he saved. Time to research gladiators….

Have a great weekend.

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