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Happy Hump Day! It should truly be a happy day for most people since Monday was a holiday (the last summer one). I wanted to take a moment to update people so that no one is left in the dark.

If you’re looking for this week’s author spotlight, there isn’t one. Well, at least not on this blog. Some of you may know that I write under two names (SF Benson and Nadirah Foxx). The second name encompasses my steamier fiction suitable for a mature audience (18+). Today’s spotlight features an erotica romance author (something you don’t find on this website), and can be found on the Nadirah Foxx blog.

A Movie Recommendation!


Recently my husband and I went to see the movie, Detroit. If you’ve followed my blog long enough, you know that it’s my hometown. I realize I’m dating myself, but the movie takes place when I was three years old. For my husband, he experienced the primary event—the 1967 riot—in real time. My father shipped my mother, my infant sister, and myself to Georgia to ride out the chaos. I only knew what was told to me.

My memories of the time are sparse. We lived one block away from Dexter Avenue (a rough picture of what the apartments looked like can be found here), where rioting was happening. I only remember vague details such as my parents not turning on the lights in the apartment, my father sitting with a loaded rifle guarding the door, and the train trip. Because of my age I can’t even tell you much about the train. My husband asked me if it were a segregated car. Honestly, I didn’t know. He asked did my mom pack our food. Yes, I remember that. My admission confirmed his question.

The three of us returned to burnt out buildings. Places that were landmarks for me as a child (the corner store, the laundromat, etc.) no longer existed. I didn’t understand why and my parents didn’t discuss it.

I got a better understanding when I wrote Release: the Alliance Chronicles, Book 3. I used the atmosphere of the ’67 riots and created the world Asher Jones experienced. In doing so, I watched tons of old clips and read news articles. I talked to my husband and got firsthand accounts of what gunfire sounded like to a child. It was my goal to create an emotional, realistic story. I think I succeeded.

I don’t usually review movies so don’t consider this to be one. I do, however, recommend the movie to anyone who 1) wants an idea of what happened during the time period, and 2) wants another perspective about the rioting. It’s worth the time and the money.

That’s it for today.

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