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A NEW DIRECTION for the Blog

A new direction for the blog is under way. It’s my attempt at keeping things fresh. It may also play to my Gemini mind—it gets bored from time to time and just requires something new and different.

Changes Coming…

What will stay the same? A Center Stage Moment (the author spotlights) will continue on Wednesdays. I will also continue promoting other authors on ANY DAY I have materials to put up.

So, what changes? No more theme days! As the picture implies I’ll be running the roulette wheel to see what gets posted. It might be a book recommendation, a teaser, or a book trailer. Some weeks you may get all items and other weeks you might not get each one. It all depends on the roll of the dice.

What’s getting a complete face lift? Story Starters on Saturday. Based on feedback, I’ll be serializing a story or two. How many episodes will depend upon what you have to say about it. Favorite stories will get as many as ten episodes and eventually I may publish it as a book. Your feedback (aka “ratings”) will determine if a serialized story gets a second season. What happens to stories with low ratings? Well, just like television series, they get canned.

So, help me choose the first series! We had a few different types. Right now, I’m looking at one of these (click on the title to read a flash fiction piece):

The Dragon Slayer

The Government’s PLOT

Escape from Wonderland

Wynter’s Last Stand

Of Thorns & Claws

My twist on Peter Pan, however, is NOT eligible for this venture. I’m still waiting to hear back from Radish as to whether I can publish it on their platform. If it turns out that I can’t, I will consider putting it up on Wattpad.

The new schedule will start next week. You can expect a book trailer this Thursday and one more flash fiction piece on Saturday.

As always, I love feedback. Drop me a line at with your comments.

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