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MARVELOUS MONDAY: “Saving Bliss” by Rachael Brownell

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It’s a Marvelous Monday! Okay, it’s a mindset to adapt. Mondays are hard for me, too. Right now, I’m dying for a cup of coffee. But let’s work together to make Mondays a better day. I’ll do my part by recommending a marvelous book (usually something I’m reading or plan to read).

This week is a recommendation for a book from my reading list: Saving Bliss by Rachael Brownell!


“If I need protection from anyone it’s from him.”

“I need to find a way to keep her safe without compromising my heart.”

I was hired to protect her. I was told to keep her safe, shadow her every move, and keep my eyes open at all times. He wouldn’t tell me from what, or whom. He wouldn’t even admit she was in danger. It turns out, she is. So am I. Now, I’m falling for her, and that changes everything. I need to find a way to keep her safe without compromising my heart.

I don’t need a babysitter or a bodyguard. I can take care of myself. If I had wanted a roommate I would have one, and it wouldn’t be him. He’s too… intriguing. Stubborn. Sexy. If I need protection from anyone it’s from him. He sees too much, knows too much, and the way he looks at me is causing the walls I’ve built around my heart to weaken. I need him to back off, but I want him closer.

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I bought this one back in June and recently found the time to read it. If you love an emotional, edgy read, then you’re sure to love this one by Rachael Brownell. She’s one of those instant ONE-CLICK authors for me. I have yet to be disappointed by anything Brownell has written.

Second Book in the Duet:

51R6g-1U7xLChelsea was his everything: the love of his life, his future, his heart & soul. When she died, a part of him died with her. And he has no intention of letting anyone replace her.
Until Skylar Cook walks into his life.

She’s everything he needs, everything he’s not sure he should want. The perfect mix of innocent and dangerous. And slowly, the walls he’s built around his heart begin to crumble.

But he can’t fall for another woman, can he? He buried his heart with Chelsea six years ago.

If he lets Skylar in, will it mean forgetting all that Chelsea was to him?

(Losing Chelsea is a Saving Bliss novella. It is recommended that you read Saving Bliss to fully understand Losing Chelsea.)

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About the Author


Rachael Brownell is an award-winning author of both YA and NA Romance.

Rachael is a midwest girl (yes, they say she has an accent but no, she doesn’t hear it) who loves to create amazing stories that tug at your heart strings with book boyfriends that you wish were real. She keeps her storylines realistic – either she’s heard about it happening to someone or feels that it could happen in real life. She also likes her characters to be relatable so she tries to give them at least one characteristic that is similar to someone she knows.

To keep up with what Rachael is doing at the moment, visit her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

Learn more about Rachael’s books on her website.

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