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STORY STARTERS: “Escape from Wonderland”


Welcome to Story Starters

These are flash fiction stories. My word count goal is no more than 400 words for each story. I’ll show you the story and a graphic. If you read a story you like, let me know and I can expand it for a future blog post.

This week’s story:

Welcome to Rabbit's Hole

“Escape from Wonderland”

Ever have your stomach twist in a knot so tight you can barely breathe? The closer I got to Rabbit’s Hole, Iowa the worse the pain became. I chose to put it aside. After all, I’d been on the road for three days without any human contact. My supplies were low and my patience worn. Rabbit’s Hole seemed like a good enough place to lay low for awhile. Maybe I’d be safe in the backwoods spot.

Gravel crunched behind me. My steps slowed down. No cars have passed me for at least an hour. This intruder came on foot. But from where? I whirled around and the barrel of a rifle pointed at my head. My blood froze.

“Don’t move another muscle.” The harsh voice belonged to a man with shocking red hair. His black leather jacket was well-worn along with his ripped jeans. One eye was covered with a black patch.

Slowly, I put my hands up. “I’m not looking for trouble. Just need a place to stay for a few days and then I’ll be on my way.”

Another voice, this one female, came out of the distance. “I’ve already called ahead. We’re to bring him in.”

I blinked and took in the attractive redhead. Where did she come from? Her outfit was similar to the man’s but fit much better. A pair of handcuffs swung from her hand.

Automatically, I retreated. “Listen. I don’t have to stay. I’ll keep right on moving.”

The woman grabbed my wrist before I could take another step. The cold metal encircled my flesh and my insides quivered as something sharp pricked my soul. Those cuffs weren’t normal. They wanted to rob me of the one thing that made me different.

“You’re coming with us,” the woman said and dragged me toward a bright red Jeep.


It was a short ride into town. Not a person stirred on the streets, but I saw the various eyes peeping from around curtains. The vehicle came to a jarring halt in front of a nondescript building. A woman with bright red hair and matching lips stood in front of the Jeep. Her red leather trench coat fluttered behind her as she walked up to the car.

“Who is this?” she asked.

“The one you’ve been waiting for, Scarlet,” the man offered.

“He looks hungry. Make sure he’s fed and then put him in a cell.”


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