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BOOK TRAILER THURSDAY: “Dissension” by Adrienne Monson


It’s Thursday! Almost Friday and the start of a three-day weekend. In this neck of the woods we have DragonCon kicking off the festivities. I was looking forward to going this year, but at the last minute I had a change in plans. Next year will be the year! What are you planning for the holiday?

So let’s see what’s on today’s shelf…


Reluctant vampire Leisha is caught in the middle of an ongoing bloody war between her people and immortals, an undying race sworn to destroy all vampires. It’s a different life from the one she had 2,000 years ago when she led a quiet life as a devoted mother.
Leisha soon finds herself captured by the government, only to be saved by a mysterious human girl. Leisha and her newfound friend run for their lives while searching for the one thing that can bring an end to this escalating conflict — the prophecy child.

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Leisha and Samantha barely survived the vampires and immortals six months ago. Now, an explosive battle seems imminent.

It’s more important than ever that the prophecy child is found, but there’s a problem—Leisha has lost her powers. She seems like nothing more than a human. Her newfound humanity is further complicated when Tafari, her old lover, appears with a desire for reconciliation.

Can Leisha lock up the past to save those she loves? Or will fate tear everything from her once again?


512BKKPXxfrL._SY346_For three years Leisha has kept Liam, the prophecy child, safe from the Immortals. But when Leisha is taken, twenty year old Samantha can’t keep Liam safe on her own. On the cusp of the ultimate battle between vampires and Immortals, Samantha turns to her ex-boyfriend Nik for help, determined to keep her heart closed this time.

Desolation looms as Liam seeks to fulfill his unknown destiny. Will he bring vampires and Immortals together or is there a much darker prophecy at work? Deliverance is the epic conclusion to the Blood Inheritance Trilogy.


About the Author

71c1QJQOOL._UX250_Adrienne Monson is an award winning hybrid author who has been quoted by MSN as a vampire expert. She’s always had a voracious appetite for reading, which she inherited from her dad. She enjoys all kinds of fiction and will sometimes stay up all night to finish a well written book.
Her debut novel was Dissension, book one of the Blood Inheritance Trilogy. Her writing has continued to flourish with the other installments, Defiance and Deliverance.
Eyes of Persuasion (a genre mashup of paranormal and historical romance) was a great diversion for her. Be sure to look for more of her books as they come out.
Monson has a husband and two kids. Aside from writing, reading, and family, she loves Zumba, kickboxing, and eating.

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