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A WRITER’S SOUL: My Weekly Goals & Such

Eyes of the Universe, abstract environmental backgrounds

Are you ready to start another week? I’m not. I could use another day or at least a restart to the weekend. It doesn’t happen often, but I was forced to take a mental health day Saturday. The mind became foggy on Friday, and no matter how much I wanted to I couldn’t concentrate. So I called it an early day and sat back for some binge watching of Game of Thrones. I tried again on Saturday with the same results. In the past, I would have slogged through the fuzziness and tried to write only to have to go back and fix the dribble that poured out. Not this time. I’m hoping this means I’m growing as a writer—recognizing my need to take a break.

Let’s see how I did last week before my mind went south…


*Start revising Delivering Sin by Nadirah Foxx. Started! I made it to Chapter Six before my brain said stop.

*Continue planning Finding MeDone! All planned and plotted. I’ve written four chapters and started two more. The chapters are not necessarily coming forth in order. It all depends on which POV character is more insistent.

*I also have a tentative short story for an anthology to work on. I’d like to start planning it. I haven’t done anything with this. I’m still trying to figure out will it be a shifter or a were-beast story.


*Continue revising Delivering Sin by Nadirah Foxx. My goal is to revise at least five more chapters.

*Continue writing the draft for Finding Me. My goal is another four chapters.

*Determine what the short story will be about.


Something reaches out from the bone-chilling abyss. Whatever it is palpable. The presence seems old and hatred filters through it. Something akin to fingers settle on my shoulder freezing my spine. It’s the creepy sensation you get on a dark and dangerous night. Common sense tells me to run away but my muscles stiffen and lock me in place.

In this passage, the presence Sinatra feels is that of a spirit—Amun-Ra’s consort. I rewrote it to make it more creepy.


This was what I faced on Friday. There is always the risk of burnout when writers don’t pay attention to their own limits. I finished the rough draft for Worth the Fight ahead of schedule. Instead of taking a break, I proceeded to start on the next one. When the story for Colt appeared in my mind, I wanted to get it down before I forgot it. At the same time I had the revision of Delivering Sin scheduled. Trying to work on two projects without taking a moment away from the last one was the wrong course of action.

If need be, Delivering Sin will be pushed to October just to give myself enough of a break. Finding Me is begging to be written and it will be. As long as it’s done before November (NaNoWriMo) I’ll be good.


Let’s talk about Finding Me. Not too long ago I wrote the rough draft for Renegade: the Alliance Chronicles, Book #6 (coming 2019). The story belongs to Mark Carter. His tale presented a challenge—writing about a bisexual character who was trying to get over loving his best friend. I didn’t think I could do it. In the end, I wrote it and felt good about the draft. Imagine my surprise when the same type of character presented itself again. This time in a paranormal setting.

Many of you met Colt Najex in Cursed Hearts and then read more about him in Blessed Hearts. Those who liked him wanted more. Problem is Colt is an incubus who embraces a fluid lifestyle. Another book dedicated to him couldn’t be a story about him finding the girl. It didn’t seem right for him.

What I’m enjoying about Colt’s story is the raw emotion and honesty. He meets a man who is forthright (to a point) and isn’t afraid to call Colt out on his bullshit. Jeremiah Jones, JJ to everyone who knows him, challenges Colt to find his true self.

Finding Yourself teaser Resize

Want an idea of how intense Colt’s story will be? Listen to the playlist on Spotify:

How I’m feeding my soul this week…

I just started Charlaine Harris’s Midnight Crossroad. It’s nice to see how the NBC series is ringing true with the book. I just started Season 5 of Game of Thrones.

That’s all for now.

Keep reading.

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