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STORY STARTERS: “The Dragon Slayer (Part 2)”


Welcome to Story Starters

These are flash fiction stories. My word count goal is no more than 400 words for each story. I’ll show you the story and a graphic. If you read a story you like, let me know and I can expand it for a future blog post.

This week’s story:

The Dragon Slayer 2

“The Dragon Slayer (Part 2)”

“Lord Kazzas, I can’t let you leave here.”

“And I am tasked with not letting you live, Lady Xristiana. We can’t both win.”

The dragon lord intrigued Xristiana, but the possibility of finding his lair was more tempting. “What if I return to Crimson Ridge with you?”

“As a captive or a spy?”

He’s not so dumb for a beast, Xristiana thought. “I’ll go willingly as your captive. No chains.”

Lord Kazzas extended his hand and touched her face. “Chains won’t be necessary. Let us go. Crimson Ridge is a day’s journey from here. I’ll trust you not to run away.”

“Trust must be earned,” she said. “And I’m not so sure about you.”

“Time might change your mind.”

“Don’t count on it.”


The journey to Crimson Ridge was treacherous one over jagged land with high cliffs and deep valleys. One misstep on the slippery slopes would easily plunge Xristiana to her death. Her stubbornness kept her moving. The cold, however, made her want to stop and seek shelter.

“You humans are such frail creatures,” Lord Kazzas said.

“Cold affects all living things.”

“Come with me.” He led her into a cave where he started a fire by hand.

Xristiana settled herself on one side of the small space. “Why did you do this?”

Lord Kazzas sat across from her. “It was obvious you were cold.”

“Thank you.”

“Humph. A human thanking a dragon. Unheard of.” He pulled his cloak around him.

“May I ask you another question?”

“Can I stop you?”

She liked his impertinence, Xristiana admitted to herself. “Why do dragons hate humans?”

“An interesting question that I might ask you as well.” He paused and tilted his head to one side. “It is not hatred we feel for your kind. More of a misunderstanding. Humans want to capture us. Inflict pain upon us. Turn us into pets.”

“That’s not true. Not all of us.”

“The same can be said of dragons. All of us are not looking to harm humans. Most of us would like to be left alone. Then there are others…” Lord Kazzas’s voice trailed off.

“Go on,” Xristiana urged.

“Some of us just want the opportunity to live with humans. Are you not curious as to how I’m able to inhabit this body?”


“Many of us are the offspring of dragons and humans.”

Her eyes widened. “Not possible.”

“I assure you it is.”



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