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STORY STARTERS: “The Prince & The Maiden”


Welcome to Story Starters

(formerly Story Time Saturday)

These are flash fiction stories. My word count goal is no more than 400 words for each story. I’ll show you the story and a graphic. If you read a story you like, let me know and I can expand it for a future blog post.

This week’s story:

The Prince

“The Prince & The Maiden”

“Bethany, it’s just until we find Benjamin,” my sister Abigail whines.


My other sister, Marissa, asks, “Do you want to mess up his betrothal?”

“What of mine?” I finally say. What my sisters and even my mother ask of me is ridiculous to say the least. Standing in for my twin brother who is most likely surrounded by whores in a brothel is nonsense.

“Bethany,” my mother says. “Once your brother’s future is secure then we’ll see to yours. Think of what this match means to our family.”

“Think about the kingdom,” adds Abigail. “All of us will reap the reward when our houses unite.”

Mother walks up behind me as I face the full-length looking glass. She pulls my waist-length, brown hair away from my face. “We shall hear no more of it. This is only a temporary measure. The king and queen simply need to see you in the courtyard with the other young men. You’ll shoot the bow and arrow and wield the sword. I’ll make some excuse as to why your brother can’t join us for dinner.”

“I don’t want to do it.”

“This is not about you, my dear Bethany. What on earth shall we do with this hair? We could cut it.”

I twist from her grip. “No.”

Abigail jumps up from my bed. “Leave it to me, Mother. Once I am finished everyone will believe this is our dear brother.”

Mother pulls the wooden door shut. Her heels echo across the stone floor leading away from my room.

“You will not cut my hair.”

“It’s only hair and it will grow back,” Marissa reminds me.

“And what do I do until then?” I push past my sisters and run out the room.

When my feet stop moving, I’m in the courtyard and I collide with a warm body. A pair of strong hands reach out and steady me.

“Pardon me, fair lady.” His voice is music to my ears. His eyes are like looking into the deep blue sea.

“It’s my fault. I should have watched where I was going.”

“What has you in such a hurry, Lady… I’m sorry I did not catch your name.”


“Lady Bethany, I am Prince James. Would you accompany me? I’m forced to sit with my parents as they determine whether your brother and my sister should wed.”

Mother is going to kill me.



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