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A WRITER’S SOUL: My Weekly Goals & Such

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It’s time to take a look at last week’s goals…

First, off HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads out there! Here in Atlanta it’s a wet celebration, but that’s okay. We have indoor activities to do as a family.

Let’s see how I did last week.


*Continue draft on Delivering Sin. Goal is to reach Chapter Nineteen. Reached! I’ll be starting the final act on Monday. I should be able to finish the draft by month’s end.

*Tackle second round edits for Blessed HeartsDone! The e-book version has been uploaded. I’ve ordered a printed ARC. I just need to proof the digital copy of the print book.

*Time permitting: make countdown graphics for Blessed HeartsFinished! 


It’s a short work week! I have UtopiaCon (the final one!) in Nashville on Thursday. My plans took a major change and now it’s going to be a family event. We’re spending a little more money than we planned, but I get to have a mini-vacation with my family before the minion returns to college. It’s something we haven’t done in a very long time.

If time permits:

*Write chapters 20-22 of Delivering Sin.

*Begin edits on Rebel: the Alliance Chronicles, Book 4.


What I love about Delivering Sin are the relationships. They center around the main character, Sinatra Neeley, and two different men—one from her past (Jake Carter) and the other, Amun Rassoul, who is from the past (an ancient Egyptian deity). Amun, however, didn’t expect to run into his ex in this world. It has created this really interesting situation.

Here’s a tamer scene I wrote between Amun and his ex, Amunet.

“Such a filthy mouth.” Amun lowers his voice. “You’re so damned sexy. Always have been. Always will be.”
His words make me hungry. Just the thought of Amun on top of me warms my body. I wet my lips with my tongue. “Stop it. I’m not that easy.”
“Never said you were.” Amun slides closer and places an arm around my shoulders. “You should know, Amunet, I also have my limits. I refuse to watch you carrying on with Anpu.”
My gaze swings to him, but I keep my mouth shut. We were always discrete. At least, I thought we were.
“You didn’t think I knew? I had to hear it from my own son. Shu overheard Anpu bragging to some lower deity. How do you think that made me feel hearing such disparaging words about you?”
“I hope you choked on your feelings.” I attempt to move away, but Amun tightens his grip.
“That’s not all, Amunet. I also know about this ridiculous war you started with Maut.”
“No. She—”
Amun places a finger over my lips. “She is my wife in name only. None of that matters in the afterlife.”
“It matters to me,” I mumble.
His fingers traces my mouth. I grip his hand, tempted to suck on those digits. Tease him with my tongue. Lust and possibly, do I think love, burn in Amun’s eyes.
“Well, it shouldn’t.” Amun folds his hand about mine. “Your silliness ends here. I have no choice but to do as Carter requests. I’ll be leaving shortly to meet with him, but I want you with me.”


Without going into any type of tirade, I think the biggest challenge I faced was learning lessons! I made some poor choices over the week and they came back to bite me. In the end, however, I believe the results made me stronger. It clarified some matters for me and helped me understand some very important personal changes I need to make going forward. It is very true that what doesn’t kill us, will in fact make us stronger. We just need to be wise enough to realize our growth opportunities and move on.


I’m loving act two of this story! I don’t think you’ll get too many authors to say that one (lol), but I’m serious. I love the relationship is evolving between Jake and Sinatra.

How I’m feeding my soul this week…

I just finished the ARC from Shawn McGuire (an interesting read!). I’m almost done reading one from Sunniva Dee. If you read her Dodging Trains, you need to read Path to Thieves.

That’s all for now.

Keep reading.

Keep following.

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