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MARVELOUS MONDAY: A Little Wicked Planning for the Future!

It’s a Marvelous Monday! Okay, it’s a mindset to adapt. Mondays are hard for me, too. Right now, I’m dying for a cup of coffee. But let’s work together to make Mondays a better day. I’ll do my part by recommending a marvelous book (usually something I’m reading or plan to read).

This week I have something different for you! A little sneak peek into what’s coming down the pipeline for 2018:


And here are the early teasers for each book:


Book #1



Book #2


Tentatively Titled

“The Siren’s Call”

Book #3


As of today, I don’t have a title for the series. I’m thinking these three books will come out before The BlackGuard Society series, though.


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