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MARVELOUS MONDAY: Book Recommendation

It’s a Marvelous Monday! Okay, it’s a mindset to adapt. Mondays are hard for me, too. Right now, I’m dying for a cup of coffee. But let’s work together to make Mondays a better day. I’ll do my part by recommending a marvelous book (usually something I’m reading or plan to read).


Wrecking his heart wasn’t part of the plan.

**Part Two of Saylor and Oliver’s story**

One year to accomplish a dream.
One year to leave my mark in the world.
One year to live my life pretending that I’m not irrecoverably and completely in love with a man I can never have.

I wish he would go away. I wish he would stop looking at me like I’m his everything. I wish…I had more than a year.


An ARC was provided by the author and I chose to give my honest review.

Now that the legalese is out the way on to my opinion…

Wreck of the Day is the third book in M.H. Soars’ Love Me, I’m Famous series. I admit the story of Saylor and Oliver continues to intrigue me. By the time I finished this book, I was the one wrecked.

Once again, Soars’ sucks the reader in with a continuation of an impossible situation. Saylor was between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Just when it looked like she was going to catch a break, things go south. I’ll leave it there and not give away the details.

Sebastian is the heartthrob that started the series, but it’s Oliver that stole my heart. Yes, he’s the worst possible choice for a friend let alone a boyfriend. He’s conceited, arrogant, and completely self-absorbed. But that’s the old Ollie. An Ollie in love is a different, much more likable beast. Everything is so intense with him–love, sex, jealousy, concern.

Saylor is the type of girl you just want to slap the stupid out of. Seriously, the choices she makes in the first part of the story seem selfish. Her problem is she’s almost as intensely driven as Oliver. The two of them are like throwing kerosene on a fire. But when they combust it’s magical (like their duet).

Of course there’s a major cliffhanger at the end of Wreck of the Day. Contrary to popular belief, I love a good cliffhanger. It sticks with me. When the next book comes out, I don’t need to backtrack and re-read passages to remind myself. It creates a hangover that you won’t easily forget. And trust me, you won’t forget the ending of Wreck of the Day.

Soars’ has delivered a great series of love stories that are plausible. The wonderful thing is the celebrities still have their hometown roots reminding them of where they come from. They’re famous, but not so big that they forget about the ones they love. Priceless.








Have a marvelous Monday!

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