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Ahoy mate! The end is in sight. Welcome to my port in the YA Summer Scavenger Hunt. Just scroll down to find the next word to complete the story.

First, a little about me. I started on this journey in 2016 with a post-apocalyptic technothriller set in the near future of 2025. The story morphed and went from a planned trilogy to a six-book series. You can get Regress for free this week only! Just click on the cover.



Secrets come in all shapes and sizes, but this one fits in the palm of your hand.

Tru’s seventeenth birthday is approaching, and she has a decision to make. She can receive a vaccine that will end her creativity. Or, she can help Zared, a boy from her past, expose government secrets—the ones on a SIM card she’s holding. Both choices are risky. Both choices come with consequences. Either way, she has ten days to decide.

Tru can put her faith in Zared—he’s harboring secrets of his own. But life in New Detroit requires more than hope.

Don’t miss this gripping first book in the Alliance Chronicles—a suspenseful, post-apocalyptic thriller about Tru Shepard’s fight against a corrupt government.

As much as I love a good dystopian read, my first love is paranormal. You can get one of my short stories, Summoned by Demons, for free. Just click on the cover!

Summoned by Demons

My second paranormal romance, a New Adult novel, comes out in July. You can pre-order it for 99 cents until 7/11/17! Don’t forget to click on the cover!

Blessed Hearts eBook

He went to Hell…for her.

Cash Martin, tattoo artist and incubus, doesn’t do relationships. Late night debauchery with as many females as he can muster suits him just fine. He’s following the golden rule: incubi don’t fall in love.

Until her.

Qadira, fifth daughter of Al-Qadir, is a djinniyah on the run from an arranged marriage. She’s passing through town when she runs into the one creature she abhors—an incubus.

When someone starts mutilating humans in Falls Creek, suspicion falls on Qadira. Cash provides an alibi and a spark is ignited. The situation becomes complicated when he must travel to Hell to rescue her.

Cash may have put his soul on the line for Qadira, but will he give her his heart?

Blessed Hearts is a New Adult standalone in the Hearts Duology.

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Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for…


The next word in the scavenger hunt is…





The secret word is GIRL


Add the word to the previous 125 and hop over to Laurie Treacy’s site here.

When you’re done, enter the grand prize here.
If you have any questions, make sure to visit the main post and list of participating authors here.


Good luck!

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