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MARVELOUS MONDAY: Book Recommendations

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It’s a Marvelous Monday! Okay, it’s a mindset to adapt. Mondays are hard for me, too. Right now, I’m dying for a cup of coffee. But let’s work together to make Mondays a better day. I’ll do my part by recommending a marvelous book (usually something I’m reading or plan to read).

If anyone follows me on Instagram (if you don’t, why not?), you know I’m reading A Court of Wings and Ruin. Honestly, I can’t say enough about this book!

The series was introduced to me last year by a critique partner. I devoured the first two books, totally in love with the characters and the world Sarah J. Maas created. With great reluctance, I allowed my twenty-year-old to read them. Yes, I’m the worry-wart parent. My daughter is an adult. But I was still torn between wanting to share a great story and not wanting her to be exposed to the situations in it. Needless to say, my husband talked me out of my concerns. She’s now waiting for me to finish book three so she can read it.

If you haven’t read any of Maas’s books and you enjoy fantasy romance which borders on the paranormal, you’re in for a treat. Goodreads lists the series as Young Adult AND New Adult. In my opinion, these books are definitely New Adult due to the language used and the prevalence of ‘adult’ situations.


I love the world building and the characters in the series (who would not love Rhysand!). And ACOWAR does not disappoint. Maas upped the ante with this one by leaving breadcrumbs hinting at Biblical references. I won’t give anything away. I’ll only say if you haven’t read the story of Moses and the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt, do so.

This isn’t a review. I have about three more chapters to read. I purposely did not devour ACOWAR. I wanted to make it last as long as possible. There are more books planned for the series, but this is the last one from Feyre’s POV.


So, there’s my recommendation for you! Next week, I’ll have another book coming out in early June. I’ve already pre-ordered my hardcover version!

Have a marvelous Monday!

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