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A WRITER’S SOUL: My Weekly Goals & Such


It’s time  to take a look at last week’s goals…

First, how was your weekend? Did you enjoy some family time? My husband and I spent Saturday with our daughter in Alabama. We went to a football scrimmage early in the afternoon. Then, the two of them went to a women’s softball game. It was good to see her. She still amazes us with how she’s grown up.


*Finish reading through RebelI’m at the halfway point. My goal is to be finished with the reading and changes by Friday.

*Word count for All Things Dark & Magickal for this week is 6,820. Nailed it! Act One is complete, and I’m on Act Two. I’m ready to draft the remainder of Act Two this week.


*Word count for All Things Dark & Magickal for this week is 9,396. My goal is to complete Act Two this week. That’s roughly six chapters (about 1 1/2 per day).

*Start writing out the story premise for Delivering Sin by Nadirah Foxx.


“Lance tends to forget that everything he does is in the public eye.” Ellie pauses for affect and then says, “After the commercial, we’ll hear more from my outspoken son. He’s brought his band, Galahad, along. They’ll be singing from their latest album, The Grail.” [Ellie Cuthbert, All Things Dark & Magickal]

I love dropping little clues and references in stories. Remember, All Things Dark & Magickal is a gender flip twist on Cinderella. There are character names from other stories and little hints. Bella goes to the ball. Lance exists in both realms. There’s even an evil Eleanora. When it came time to add a band name for Lance, I couldn’t resist going back to the legend of Sir Lancelot.


Keeping up! Seriously, I spent every day just trying to get started. Life kept blindsiding me with chores that needed my immediate attention. So, instead of starting my writing day at noon (which I successfully did the week prior), I was getting started around two or even three in the afternoon. Somehow, I managed to get my word count done each day.


I love the twist I’m putting on this story. There are the little hints that reflect back on the spirit of Cinderella. Trevor works for a chimney sweep hauling ashes (in the original Grimm Brothers story, Cinderella slept by the fireplace). There’s the mean stepmother and her daughter. Trevor wears tattered clothing and eats the scraps left behind. He also has to work very hard while his stepmother and siblings do nothing. There’s a grand ball (a cotillion) where a suitor will be chosen. And of course, there’s a magical being coming to Trevor’s rescue.

But that’s where the similarities stop. I’ve tossed in a half-brother for one of the siblings. I created a story which includes unrequited love (more of a motivation than simply being mean spirited). The setting for this world is a magical one and it includes time travel between alternate realities. And the magical being isn’t a fairy godmother. She’s more of a nymph or sprite who actually likes helping instead of causing trouble. She reminds Trevor of a bird the way she flits around a room. This is a reference to the Grimm Brothers story that has a magical bird which helps Cinderella dress for the three day ball. Love it!

How I’m feeding my soul this week… 

I’m reading Nikki Belaire’s The Truth About Tequila.

Just a couple of reminders–

17389065_1702421186722494_2875250994913244973_o (1)

On April 20th (Thursday), I’ll be doing a day-long takeover for this event! I’m shooting for starting the day off at 8 a.m. (EDT). Anyone who knows me, will realize that’s a stretch. Coffee will be flowing that day!

Come join me on the 20th to learn about my writing, my books, and about me! I’m going to be as AUTHENTIC as I can that day. You’ll have a chance to ask me questions. I’ll give away some e-books. I may have some other items to give away (I need to do some shopping).

Read a Long Event on FB

That’s the link for the SECOND HALF of the Read-A-Long for Cursed Hearts. You need to join me on that event page to finish out the month. Facebook wouldn’t let me extend the event for an entire thirty days. I had to create two events instead. I’ll still post my video reads of the chapters. Each week night, I touch base with the readers via live Facebook video. We’ll go over questions and comments. At the end of each week, I do a giveaway. It’s been interesting to see all the people reading along with me.

That’s it for now.

Keep reading!

Keep following!

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