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STORY TIME: A New Feature on the Blog

Get ready for Story Time!

I have an idea and want to share it with everyone. A fellow self-published author has a feature on her blog where she writes regular short stories. She bases her ideas on writing prompts. I think this is something I’d like to embrace, too. My idea folder is literally running over. Plus, I have a regular board on Pinterest full of writing prompts. I may have used less than one percent so far.

So, starting next Saturday, April 22nd, I’ll be posting a weekly short story based on my collection of prompts. They’ll cover nearly every genre since I’m not picky about the ones I save. I may decide to expand on some of the stories. Others will simply be a way to exercise my writing muscles.


Other than getting a chance to practice with short stories, how does this benefit YOU?

  • Another opportunity to read work by me
  • Fulfills my obligation to my AUTHENTIC self
  • You get to see another side of me since I’ll be including teaser graphics for the story
  • It’s a no pressure situation


A lot of times, authors offer additional content through InstaFreebie or another source. Or you’re directed to an Amazon site to purchase the story. I’m not opposed to doing either of these things and may do so with other stories in the future. But for now, you’ll get FREE content that you don’t have to download or fill out a form to access.

Let me know what you think of the new feature. Got any suggestions for future shorts or specific genres you’d like to see? Don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

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