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Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. The weather improved around Atlanta (no more violent storms). It was a relaxing time for hubby and me.

Let’s take a look at how I did with last week’s goals:


*Finish the rewrite of RebelDone! I just need to finish the read through, and make any last changes before sending it off for a beta read.

*Continue posting to Instagram about All Things Dark & Magickal. I’m doing a WIP challenge for the month. This is helping me to get this thing written. The deadline for the rough draft is May 30. I hope to start it as soon as I finish RebelI finished the rewrite of Rebel early! So I started writing ATD&M on Thursday.


*Finish reading through Rebel.

*Word count for All Things Dark & Magickal for this week is 6,820.


“If I could take your magick before it appears, I would.” She leans closer to me. Her stale, hot breath fans my ear. “You are nothing to me. You don’t deserve to mingle with polite society. Lance, Arabella, and I will attend the cotillion. I’ll be sure to extend your sincere regret for missing the event of the season.”

[Eleanora Cuthbert, stepmother | All Things Dark & Magickal]

I like this scene between Trevor and his stepmother. This story is a gender flip on Cinderella. Poor Trevor has lost his father and has to deal with a stepmother plundering through the family fortune. He also has to put up with a bully of a half-brother, and a flighty stepsister who likes to mentally torture. In this scene, Trevor thought he might wear one of his father’s old suits (with a little tailoring) to the big cotillion. The parents of the girl he has secretly loved for two years is hosting the shindig. Eleanora lets Trevor know that she donated the suits to the needy. He isn’t allowed to attend the cotillion.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: For a change, my challenges were minimal!! The new system of using a daily planner has helped tremendously. I had days that I finished word counts and tasks ahead of schedule. Since I’m also doing daily live Facebook chats for the Cursed Hearts Read-A-Long, it’s been very important that I make use of my time wisely.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: I love how visual this story is. All Things Dark & Magickal starts off in the fictitious town of Crowley, England during 1838. Imagine London during the Victorian era and that’s the setting for the tale. I’m enjoying the constant research to make sure I’m keeping the spirit of the time period true.

How I’m feeding my soul this week… I’m reading book two in Nikki Belaire’s Wine & Whiskey.

Just a reminder:

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