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It’s Monday! How was your weekend? We took our daughter back to school. She’ll be missed. Let’s see how I did with my goals last week.


*Finish the draft for Blessed Hearts. I’ll need to complete roughly 1,700 words each day to finish by midweek. It’s done! I’m really happy with the draft.

*Rewrite of Rebel: 1) cut Asher’s POV and 2) rewrite/rearrange according to new action plan. In cutting out Asher’s POV, I need to write another 16,000 words (approximately). I’ve already rewritten the first four chapters.

*Finish plotting/planning novella for anthology. Working. I’ve written out the summary, the backstory file, and I’m almost finished with the world building. I’ve started adding pertinent files and pages to Scrivener.


*Work on the rewrite of Rebel.

*Finish the plotting/planning and start drafting All Things Dark and Magical by midweek.


“You are indeed my key. You unlocked my heart and it’s forever yours.” I pull out the red velvet box from my suit coat. [Cash, The Blessed Hearts]

In Blessed Hearts, Qadira is the key which unlocks Cash’s heart. This passage is the beginning of a pivotal scene in the story.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Playing catch up. It seems I have more and more to do each day. I know life happens, but I need a way to handle it better. So, I bought a physical daily planner. It has a daily agenda (my new routine), a To-Do List, a Priority List, Notes, and a Phone Call list. I immediately turned the call list into an email list. I divided my daily agenda into an eight hour day. I’ve calculated my minimum number of words I write per hour. I’ll be checking at the end of the hour (for the first week at least) to see if I’m on task. I’ve included time to do business things (checking email and social media, promoting, and any other author business needed). Toward the end of the day I’ve included time to workout and time to do blog posts and teasers. We’ll see how it goes.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: [the novella, All Things Dark and Magickal] I love the world I’ve created. The story is a take on Cinderella. It’s a gender flip story. There’s magick (the ‘k’ is intentional), and travel to an alternate reality. We still have an evil stepmother. Instead of stepsisters, we have a stepsister and a half-brother. Although this story is for an anthology submission, it will lend itself quite easily to a future series. The tale of Trevor Cuthbert is an interesting one involving integrity and good vs. evil. I’m looking forward to writing the draft.

How I’m feeding my soul this week… I’m doing a beta-read for a friend. So, I need to finish this before picking up one of my many books.

That’s it for now.

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