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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I spent mine recovering from a four day migraine. Productivity was obviously not a concern. Let’s see how I did despite the pain.


*Finish the draft for Blessed Hearts. I have 7,360 words to reach my goal of 40,000 words. My goal was to finish this draft in 30 days. Well, I skipped a few days. So I’m shooting for wrapping this up by Friday, writing 1,472 words daily. I didn’t finish it. I’m approximately 5,000 words away. Hopefully, I’ll be finished by Wednesday.

*Finish revising Rebel: the Alliance Chronicles Book Three. This needs to be finished to get to the alpha reader. I got it back from the alpha reader on Sunday. I’ve got to do some rewriting to do.


*Finish the draft for Blessed Hearts. I’ll need to complete roughly 1,700 words each day to finish by midweek.

*Rewrite of Rebel: 1) cut Asher’s POV and 2) rewrite/rearrange according to new action plan.

*Finish plotting/planning novella for anthology.


At the end of the path we’re on is a many-forked road. Each branch leads to another level of Hell, each one more twisted and depraved. At its apex stands a pale, shadowy figure. The pale-haired woman clad in sheer grayish fabric holds up a torch. She extends her free hand beckoning us.
Recognition flickers in her colorless eyes. A thin smile edges her lips and she asks, “What brings you to Hell, Hadid?”
“Nonsense between my sister and the son of the Najex.” Hadid claps his hands. “It is good to see you again, Orphne. Where is your sister?”
Orphne, one half of the Lampades—the torch bearing nymphs who follow Hecate, turns away from us. Another nymph steps out of the shadows. She has dark hair and clothes the color of soot. “Sister dear, we have company.”
“Second son of Al-Qadir, your presence is unexpected but welcome. Your business, however, is not yours. Who comes with you?” Gorgyra’s voice is raspy and low.
“My name is Cassius.”
“Finally. We get to meet the incubus,” Gorgyra hisses. “Your mother is Cyrena. I’ve met your sire.”

This passage takes place in Hell. I’ve included Greek mythology and even Dante’s Inferno in my details. It makes for an interesting tale.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Sticking with a writing routine. Obviously, being in pain took me away from my schedule. But what I soon realized is that I don’t have a set daily routine (a series of habits that I do every day). Each day I sit down and do whatever I feel like according to my pub schedule. For instance, if I hadn’t been suffering a migraine I would have spent part of the day revising Rebel and part of the day drafting Blessed Hearts. At some point, I would squeeze in making teasers, checking social media, and getting posts together for the blog. Basically, I tackle things as needed without any rhyme or reason. So, I have to find a way to overcome this challenge.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: I like how it’s reaching its own natural conclusion. Blessed Hearts is not a long drawn-out story requiring another novel to conclude it. It does have definite parts that will segue way nicely into my BlackGuard Society series.

How I’m feeding my soul this week… I’m continuing with Cambria Hebert’s #Finish Line.

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