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The Soul of a Writer


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine wasn’t highly productive, writing-wise. I had lots of little things that needed to be done. Let’s see how I did with last week’s goals.


*Continue with the draft of Blessed Hearts. Goal: 34,108 total words. 32,640 words. I fell short.

*Go over feedback for revising Rebel: the Alliance Chronicles Book ThreeWorking on revising. I’ve updated through Chapter Fourteen so far.


*Finish the draft for Blessed Hearts. I have 7,360 words to reach my goal of 40,000 words. My goal was to finish this draft in 30 days. Well, I skipped a few days. So I’m shooting for wrapping this up by Friday, writing 1,472 words daily.

*Finish revising Rebel: the Alliance Chronicles Book Three. This needs to be finished to get to the alpha reader.


In Blessed Hearts, the main character (Cash Martin) has to journey to Hell in order to save the girl.

We materialize on a vast, empty field. No grass or weeds grow here. This place makes the desert seem like Antarctica. Instead of snow and ice for miles, we’re standing in an intense heat wave. I suspect whatever once grew here incinerated on contact. Thank Siren, I left my jacket at the cabin. I’m sure it would have seared to my body in the short time we’ve been here. Smells of decay and burning flesh mingle together, assaulting my nose. I clutch at my stomach and try to hold it together.
A low, almost palpable rumbling sounds overhead. I look up into an ox-blood colored sky. Dark crimson clouds churn through it. Rain tainted red lands on my arm. Pain, so intense it feels like sharp needles, shoots through me.
“What the fuck?” I try to wipe off the drops.
“We need to hurry,” the blue djinni says. “Those are the tears from tortured souls burning your skin. You are feeling their pain. We do not want to stay out here too long.”
In the distance, I hear the souls wailing nonstop. The sound reminds me of the banshee’s screams I heard coming from the alley. My feet freeze in place.
Hadid tugs at my sleeve, and we move along a pathway. Small rocks crunch beneath our feet. I stumble and nearly fall. I look down. An eye ball and a few skeletal fingers lie in front of me. I crouch low and run my hand over the rocks, but these aren’t pebbles. Instead they’re bones, some large and some small, covering the trail. Unfortunately, the bones aren’t long-dead. These fragments still cling to life. Some scurry away on the their own before we can step on another one.
I stand up and Hadid’s eyes meet mine. He says, “This place should not faze you terribly. You are a demon after all.”  [Blessed Hearts, Hearts Duology Book Two]

How do you think I’ve done so far with my description of Hell? My mother asked me what I ate to fuel my imagination. I simply needed to come up with something that seemed desolate and despairing. It needed to feel like a place no one wanted to willingly go to. A place that even a demon doesn’t want to visit.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Being a one-person show. Cursed Hearts is the fourth book I’ve self-published. With every release, I’m frustrated trying to do all the things needed to promote the book and get it ready for the public. Releasing this book, however, gave me new issues to deal with. My perfectionist hat became a real thing. I think I turned down at least five digital proofs from CreateSpace before finally settling on one. Each time through I caught something different with the formatting.

I got side tracked, as well, with all the other little things needing my attention during the week. Mind you, these are things that could easily be turned over to an assistant. Unfortunately, I have yet to acquire one. Once a release is over, my life goes back to a semi-normalcy, and I won’t require a PA.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: Adding an experience in Hell for Cash has been fun. It’s stretching my imagination. In adding this ‘scene’ I’ve added another layer to the story. Before it was more like a series of events instead of obstacles and challenges pushing the characters together.

How I’m feeding my soul this week…

Somehow I managed to read three books last week! I started Cambria Hebert’s latest on Sunday.

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