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The Soul of a Writer


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was uneventful, but that was a good thing. I got some writing done. I even started binge watching “Luke Cage” (a Marvel series) on Netflix with hubby. Good stuff!

Let’s see how I did with last week’s goals.


*Continue with the draft of Blessed Hearts. Goal: 24,982 total words. I hit 25,174 words!

*Address second round edits on Cursed Hearts. Done!

*Complete book trailer for Cursed HeartsDone! (See it here.)


*Continue with the draft of Blessed Hearts. Goal: 34,108 total words.

*Go over feedback for revising Rebel: the Alliance Chronicles Book Three.


I decided to include an alternating POV in Blessed Hearts. It is a romance after all, and it wasn’t reading true with just Cash’s POV. So now I get to add the viewpoint of an opinionated, royal djinniyah (a female djinni). Qadira is judgmental and full of attitude. But she is also a mischievous djinniyah who doesn’t mind pushing a creature’s buttons.

It is also why I appeared in front of the incubus wearing nothing but a T-shirt. His discomfort grew and became unbearable. So much so he could not stand. I do admit he intrigues me. There is something about the young demon that draws me to him. It is not attraction, Allah forbid. I left home to avoid such entanglements. I am not ready to tie myself to anyone, especially with a creature who does all his thinking below the waist. [Qadira, the fifth daughter of Al-Qadir, Blessed Hearts]

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Formatting my print book! New respect for formatters!! Oh my, talk about major challenge. It’s been years since I worked with Aldus PageMaker (back in the eighties). Adobe eventually bought the software and InDesign is very similar to the product (now used by businesses). My familiarity shortened my learning curve, but still…

It took a few tries before I got it ready for a PDF. Then, of course there had to be issues between the PDF and CreateSpace. I may have an approved proof by Tuesday, and my order placed by Thursday.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: It took a minute, but adding Qadira’s POV is growing on me. I liked her (not as much as Cash), but I had to give her some flaws. So now I have these two flawed supernatural characters stumbling into love. The Fates are playing with destiny again. Cash, if he were human, would be a confirmed bachelor playboy. Life to him is all about pleasure. He’s hiding behind a curse that has nothing to do with him. That gets pointed out to him. Cash is also suffering from ‘failure to launch’ syndrome.

Qadira is a spoiled princess (literally). She’s used to things going the way she wants them to and Cash presents a challenge to her psyche. He doesn’t behave the way she’d like him to. When he comes to her aid, she’s not really sure how to deal with it. Her gift of sight is complicating the situation. She learns about the individual behind the demon. Now she needs to reconcile the two different sides of Cash, and determine how she feels about him.

How I’m feeding my soul this week…

I’m reading a couple of books, Dirty Truth by K. Renee and an ARC by M.H. Soars.

Keep reading!

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