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Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was a hot blur. Temps picked up in Atlanta, and it was unseasonably warm. For someone who prefers mild climates and is a lover of Fall, the extra heat was unwanted. But I won’t complain. I know I could be some place waiting to thaw out.

Let’s see how I did with last week’s goals.


*Continue with the draft of Blessed Hearts. Goal: 16,974 words for the week. I hit 17,650!

*Address any second round edits on Cursed HeartsThis should have read first round edits. Those are done. I slugged through formatting and got a pre-order up on Amazon. The manuscript is back with the editor for the second round of edits.


*Continue with the draft of Blessed Hearts. Goal: 24,982 total words.

*Address second round edits on Cursed Hearts.

*Complete book trailer for Cursed Hearts.


Hadid leans back into the cushion. The sofa groans again. “Because if I were a Si’lat, Qadira would be locked away in a bottle and you, my friend, would be dead.”
I stand up. “Is that a threat?”
“Do not be ridiculous, incubus.” He smiles. “Hey, I rhyme. Who knew I was poet?” [Blessed Hearts, dialogue between Hadid (a blue djinn) and Cash (incubus)]

My favorite line in this passage comes from Hadid, the brother of Qadira—“Do not be ridiculous, incubus…” When I came up with his character I was thinking of the genie from Disney’s Aladdin. But my blue djinn is all muscular and handsome. He also retains some of the humor Robin Williams brought to the character.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Formatting my e-book. Seriously. I spent an entire week on it. I’ve formatted a short story (Summoned by Demons is available here), but hadn’t tackled a full book. To make matters worse, I couldn’t remember exactly how I did the short story. I tried using InDesign (which I used for SBD), and couldn’t get things going right. I’d think I was done and check the resulting ePUB file and things were screwed. I tried Sigil software and it still came out screwed. On Wednesday morning (around 2 a.m.) I did a Google search for the ‘easiest way to create an ePUB’. That was what I needed. I made sure my Word file was what I needed (single spaced, etc.) and then uploaded it to Calibre software and converted it. I nearly fell off my chair when the font looked to be in italics. I turned off the computer and went to bed. After a few hours sleep and some much needed writing, I tackled it again. This time I uploaded the file to Kindle Previewer. The font wasn’t in italics after all. Hallelujah!

Next challenge? Formatting the print book. I will be using InDesign. Wish me luck.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: The ending of Blessed Hearts! I came up with the ending late Saturday (technically Sunday early morning). It will be magical. There will be a happily ever after. Even better? It offers a nice segue to my BlackGuard series coming in 2018.

How I’m feeding my soul this week…

I’m finishing up a great ARC from Ciara Knight, Silver Edge. You can pre-order it here.



All I’ve ever wanted is to fit in.

But no one can ever see past how weird I am. Bright lights? Can’t stand them. Loud noises? Definitely sends me over the edge. And touching? Forget about it.

At least, until I met Drake.

From the moment I walked into that nightclub, I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. And when Drake touched me, it didn’t send me into a tailspin of sensations that I couldn’t stand. It actually felt…nice. Like something I could get used to. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s probably the hottest guy I’ve ever seen.

But now someone wants to close the club down. And since I promised Drake that I’d help him keep it open, I’m going to have to find a way to tap into whatever that inner strength thing is that everyone always talks about. And fast. But what happens if I can’t?

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