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The Soul of a Writer


Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. Hubby and I went to see “Hidden Figures”. If you haven’t seen it, make some time to watch it. It was an excellent movie that spoke about conquering obstacles and making a way where there isn’t an obvious way. A good message for everyone regardless of color or ethnicity. Let’s see how I did with last week’s goals.


*Re-read RebelFinished. It’s currently in the hands of an analyst and my critique partner. This is my first go round with an analyst. It will be interesting to see the feedback. She’s also helping with a re-packaging of the blurbs on the published books in the Alliance Chronicles series.

*Continue with the draft of Blessed HeartsI’m at 7,297 words so far. 


*Continue with the draft of Blessed Hearts. Goal: 16,974 words for the week.

*Address any second round edits on Cursed Hearts.


There’s never any need for an incubus to kill a human, unless they’re just learning control. But even with novices a certain amount of respect has to be given. It’s the whole reason I supervised Kelsie as much as I could. Every innocent she killed was a black mark on my soul—it meant I wasn’t doing my job as her sibling and teacher. I have my own issues without adding anyone else’s to the pot. [Cash Martin, Blessed Hearts]

Although my Hearts Duology can be read as stand alone books, I’m making sure to drop breadcrumbs between both of them. It’s just enough to make a reader curious about what’s in the other one.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: I made the mistake and read a low-rated review. Usually I gloss over any low rated review of anyone’s books, but this one I read. It stayed with me for a few days. I started questioning myself. Finally, I kicked myself and got over it. I reminded myself it was ONE review. Big deal, not everyone will like every single book. What it did do was raise an important question–is it time to implement using a developmental/content editor?

Frankly, I have been avoiding it. I have a line editor, and I utilize critique partners and beta readers. But lately, I’ve been feeling that it’s not enough. Yes, writers love it when people cheer us on and tell us our work is fabulous. But, to be truly fabulous, we also need someone who will look at what we’ve written and pick it apart. Literally tear it to shreds and let us know what didn’t work. And if things are working, we need that person to let us know how to make it better.

So I posted in a Facebook group that I was looking for a developmental/content editor. I have a few to look at. I even had someone contact me personally to offer her services. I did make up my mind that Blessed Hearts will get a look by a DE/CE. The editor who contacted me will get a chance to prove herself.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: I began falling in love with Blessed Hearts from the beginning. I love Cash Martin, an incubus and Kelsie’s brother. This one is told totally in his POV. He’s an incubus with a secret. He’s also a bit of a foul-mouthed, bad ass. I’m enjoying writing about him.

How I’m feeding my soul this week…

I had to declare a DNF on one book. I’m halfway done with another one. I started a new one, just need to find some time to read.

Keep reading!

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